Bun Hairstyles

Dainty Braided Bun Hairstyles 2015 Summer

The wonderful spring-summer 2015 season is here and we all are eager to change looks and to get ready for the parties and nights out with friends.If you have long hairstyle, the variety of choice is the greatest for you. But leaving hair loose may not be very comfortable in many situations. And here come the greatest bun hairstyles! Can you imagine another updo style that can be so diverse? Of course, ponytails can be different too, but bun hairstyles can fit any occasion, cause they can be very official and elegant and very messy and casual. Right away I will introduce you dainty braided bun hairstyles that will help you shine on no matter where you go.

braided bun hairstyles 2015

The hair trends 2015 set by celebrities are worth having a look at, moreover you need to see those braided hairstyles ending in buns chosen by celebs, and start learning how to style them. Cause I assure you that these popular celebrity hairstyles will win your hearts and those of the people around. (more…)

Admiring Side Bun Hairstyles 2015 Summer

One of the greatest updo hairstyles for medium and long hair are bun hairstyles. They are easy to design, they can be styled for any occasion. Buns can fit your face shape, your hair type and outfit. Actually, bun hairstyles for summer 2015 are considered to be the best choice. Because you can have them formal and casual, polished and messy, upright and side. And here we must stop and consider precisely side bun hairstyles. Many celebrities' choice falls on side buns both for official occasion and for ordinary life. Side buns are very creative and even though they already represent some category of updo styles, inside the category these celebrity hairstyles are versatile.

Side bun hairstyles 2015

Following the hair trends 2015 for spring and summer we now know that to be on-trend you should have long hairstyle. If you didn't manage to grow out your hair, medium length will also do. With these lengths you already can create the side bun hairstyles for casual looks going out with friends and for evening cocktail parties. Celebrity hairstyles below will be an inspiration for you. (more…)

Delicate Celebrity Bun Hairstyles 2015 Summer

Bun hairstyles are adored by women with medium and long hair. What is the zest of these popular hairstyles? It is obvious. Buns are easy to style first of all and besides they are incredibly versatile. Yes! At first sight you may think that after two days of wearing bun hairstyles you will get tired of it, but the reality is that you can have a bun for any event in your life. Elegant and official bun hairstyles for serious events, they are polished and strict. Messy with few strands left out, they are casual and nice. You can make a bow from your bun hairstyle and try hundred of such ideas, this is why buns are also favourite celebrity hairstyles for Summer 2015.

bun hairstyles 2015

So we see that bun hairstyles are quite stylish and look natural, and it is obvious that hair trends 2015 recommend to learn creating them. Depending on your occasion you can have low bun hairstyles, side bun, different type bun updos. All you need is the right length hair and some skills. Lets have a look at hairstyles pictures and start learning right now. (more…)

Cute & Easy Celebrity Updos 2015

Updo hairstyles are the most gorgeous and elegant styles ever. Though among them we can find casual designs for every day life, like simple ponytails, or half updos, or messy buns. The truth is that cute polished updos are the styles that can make you look official and feminine and keep distance between you and the rest of the people admiring your beauty. Hair trends 2015 stand for natural appearances that is very complicated styles are not fashionable this spring summer 2015 seasons. You can try the cute and easy celebrity hairstyles, that will convert you into a diva.

celebrity updo hairstyles 2015

It doesn't matter for modern hair styling techniques what hair length you have. Even short haircuts, not pixies for sure, but bob styles can be the good base for a stylish updo. In this article I have gathered some of the most impressive, yet easy and cute hairstyles from celebrities. You can look though them and get convinced that looking glamorous is not that difficult. You just need to devote a little bit more time to your tresses and learn to create popular hairstyles for any occasion. (more…)

Half Bun Celebrity Hairstyles for Spring 2015

half bun hairstyles 2015

When we talk about celebrity hairstyles many of us imagine some complicated designs, neat and polished, but in reality casual hairstyles are what they often wear.

We have spoken much about ponytails and various designs for the coming spring 2015 season, and today I'd like to draw your attention to half bun hairstyles. This hairstyle is really cool and makes any woman look more youthful and casual. Yet when you look at this popular hairstyle from the front part it is quite business looking, while from back it is totally street style that can fit party outfit as well. Middle and long hairstyles can be styled into half buns any time but I am sure you would love them on some Saturday morning after party when not in the mood of styling, yet you want something more than a simple ponytail. Hair trends 2015 prove that natural and ordinary looks will be the best for SS15. (more…)

Hair Trends 2015: New Year Hairstyles

Guido Palau New Year hairstyles 2015

Being in the mid December we should be getting ready for New Year Eve and study the ourfit and New Year hairstyles tendencies right away.

Let's leave the gorgeous evening dresses and original inventive outfit you may think of for Christmas and New Year and pass on to hairstyles. Hair trends 2015 offer us only harmonious looks so study the hairstyles first then go to the wardrobe. As we have said before being natural is what is expected from each of us the coming season spring summer 2015 and that is why we should test the modern looks celebrating New Year and getting closer to popular hairstyles. I must say that among the best things to try now are first of all beach waves hairstyles. The slightly tousled hair will inject everybody around and you of course with summer energy and make you well prepared for spring. Such hairstyles were spotted at Valentino, Emilio Pucci and other designers' shows. (more…)

Hair Trends 2015: Huge Bun Hairstyles

bun hairstyles 2015

Among updo hairstyles we have seen so many designs for any events, and only bun hairstyles keep on being our favourites for their elegance.

Starting their origin from strict ballerina buns, this updo styles have changed a lot through history, they have lived through evolution and now it is not a simple updo that takes all hair away to move freely in ballet, but it is art that requires special attention. Fashion Weeks have introduced various designs of buns, starting from the original ones, and going to huge low buns, braided buns, and all creative Sumo Knots by Carolina Herrera we have reviewed. All the styles are unique and all of them can fit any occasion. Again the only condition is long hair just as hair trends 2015 offer us to grow out the tresses quickly. Lets see some of the runway popular hairstyles that boost our interest this much. (more…)