Braided Hairstyles

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Bridal Hairstyles

2014 Fall-Winter 2015 braided bridal hairstyles

Ladies, if you plan to get married this autumn or winter, I should tell that you will be the cutest bride, cause bridal hairstyles 2014-2015 are very diverse and not always traditional. For fall 2014 choose hairstyles that will recreate the spirit of autumn around, add leaves to the wedding hairstyles, or invent other nice accessories that will make you look unforgettable. For winter 2015 wedding ceremonies try baby's breath and maybe choose hair color to warm golden shades of blonde, not to get cold on that significant winter day. Among popular hairstyles you can find bridal braided hairstyles that look simply fantastic when accompanied by some flower accessories. And also updo hairstyles are in the mainstream for fall / winter season, cause with a cute updo no rain, or snow or wind will spoil your bridal image. I have prepared a lovely collection of 2014 fall / winter 2015 bridal hairstyles and suggest running through it now. (more…)

2014 Fall / Winter 2015 Hairstyles Tendencies

2014 Fall - Winter 2015 hairstyles tendencies

Now that autumn is in here already, we should go straightly to 2014 fall / winter 2014 hairstyles tendencies to find out what's new there. The fashion shows have recently¬† introduced us incredible designs with inventive color solutions and hairstyles mixture. I this article I have gathered the most fantastic hairdos that will inspire you to go for changes this season. Some of them are daring while the rest boost with natural designs and style. You will see braided hairstyles tendencies, sleeked back hairstyles and ponytails, voluminous hairstyles and simple straight hairstyles, bob hairstyles and wet effect hairstyles. As in other seasons, this time try to stay natural, as hair trends 2014 prompt us and lead to the next 2015 hair trends. Now in details about popular hairstyles, ladies. Here we go! (more…)

Cool Braids Hairstyles For Men

cool braids hairstyles for men

Men almost like women want to attract attention and make statement by their appearance. Nowadays men can afford versatile hairstyles. Days when men had strictly short haircuts are long gone, and now we can see mens hairstyles that are quite awesome. Mohawk hairstyles for men are very eye catching, and likewise now we can see braids hairstyles for men all around. They are very distinct and impressive, and show character of the man very distinctly. Though we can see braided hairstyles on any hair type now, but to tell the truth the most popular hairstyles are created on naturally curly hair and that is why black braids hairstyles are so darn cool indeed. Braids are protective hairstyles for black hair and can preserve hair from surroundings influence and retain its quality. In this article you will find cool braids hairstyles for men but before see which are the most trendy among mens hairstyles with braids are: (more…)

Dazzling Fishtail Braids Hairstyles 2014

dazzling fishtail braids hairstyles 2014

We, ladies, always look for gorgeous hairstyles. And yet we want them to be both stunning and easy to do. Sometimes these two things are simply incompatible and to get amazing sophisticated hairstyles you should go to a hair pro stylist. And there are cases when creating popular hairstyles to look fantastic you just need to have some styling skills yourself. This is about fishtail braids hairstyles. They have unique ability to adopt your hair type and structure and look special. You can style these braided hairstyles messy and polished, create complicated updo hairstyles or loose braids, design a braided bang or headband. Be sure fishtails will be there for any event. To get convinced lets see dazzling fishtail braids hairstyles 2014 going through this article. To style a proper fishtail you need to know some tricks: (more…)

Simply Fantastic Braids Summer Hairstyles 2014

braids summer hairstyles 2014

Vacations, sun and beach - all about summer. The time when we need to relax and forget about the troubles. But hair can be a trouble indeed. No lady will like spending some two hours on managing hair each morning when away on holidays. Doing hair instead of enjoying the sea, going out with friends and trips here and there? Nonsense! For summer there is a line of popular hairstyles that are creative, cute and most importantly easy. Here come braided hairstyles that are the best choice for ladies with medium and long hair. In hot summer days some braiding techniques will help you avoid hours in front of the mirror, yet will allow you to look incredibly summer. You may think that braids are difficult to design, yet you are wrong! Simple French braids are very easy and versatile at the same time. Here are some ideas for simply fantastic braids summer hairstyles 2014, that (more…)

Dazzling Box Braids Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

asymmetric box braids updo

Box braids is an endless source for discussion and inspiration for innumerable awesome styles there can be designed. The good thing about natural hairstyles for black women is that they protect hair and also set you free from daily hair problems, and once you have box braids some two-three months will pass away with no hair stress. But box braids are considered to be popular hairstyles not only because they are easy to maintain but also because they offer so many amazing looks that you will never end up trying something new. And the most flattering is that many dazzling box braids hairstyles you can do yourself. Some simple tricks and guidelines will give you the skills for the creating the breathtaking image. So how to style box braids? (more…)

Pretty Summer Braid Hairstyles 2014

mohawk braid hairstyles 2014

Braids are the trendy hairstyles of all times. You van have them styled any way you may imagine for any occasion and for any season. We are very changeable, ladies, and hair trends 2014 rush forward to introduce us new designs each time. Hair accessories and new twists, hair colors and highlights catch our attention at once. We are very quick to opt for all the new tendencies and sometimes the fashion brings out the most incredible thing, like colorful feathers for hair some years before. Thanks goodness, modern hair trends suggest pretty summer braid hairstyles 2014 that introduce all natural hairstyles where braids are soft and easy-to-do. (more…)