Braided Hairstyles

Forever In Love With Braids Hairstyles 2015

braids hairstyles 2015

No matter if you sport fishtail, loose or tight braids, waterfall braids, classy French braids or box braids, whether you have long or medium hair, we are forever in love with braids hairstyles 2015!

While we are busy discussing celebrity hairstyles and their hairstylists' new inventions on braiding and plaiting techniques, common ladies from all over the world keep on creating the best braids design and thus they set the hair trends 2015. In this article I will introduce some of the best braided hairstyles from all over the web, where you will see that women just like you make the magnificent braids suitable for any hair type and length, and I have no doubts that among them you will find the one so dear to you that will become your signature hairstyle for spring summer 2015. All the popular hairstyles can be made easily, just add a little bit more imagination. (more…)

The Most Charming Braids Hairstyles 2015


Braided hairstyles came into fashion long ago and for several recent seasons one after the other they keep being trendy and SS15 season will be no exclusion.

To get ready for hair trends 2015 we have seen many Fashion Week hairstyles that inspire us to look natural and relaxed and boost inner beauty. And braids do not exclude that all. Many braided hairstyles were spotted during New York Fashion Week and Lara Hoffman famous messy fishtail became a real event. But it is not only about fashion shows, in every day life we ladies can easily adopt many braided hairstyles that will help us look cute and neat, and will be easy to design each day. The variety of braids styles now allows us to learn the most suitable designs for spring summer 2015 hairstyles. To help us in this job let's turn for advice to celebrity hairstyles and I am sure we will find the most charming braids hairstyles 2015 among them. (more…)

Cutest Ideas for Protective Hairstyles 2015

protective hairstyles 2015

Natural hairstyles are sometimes difficult to deal with, and that is why we must know protective hairstyles ideas to stop wasting time each day.

Many African American women can come to think that they are simply wasting time trying to deal with their naturally curly hairstyles each morning. Some may say that instead they would take courses and spend hours on studying something important, and not stand in front of mirror. And I can agree with that. Hair trends 2015 bring forward natural hairstyles for black women and maybe this time you do not need to go for some exquisite designs with box braids and updos, but creating simple protective hairstyles 2015 is very useful. First of all is time you save, besides protective hairstyles keep ends away from the negative influence of surroundings, and as far as you do not stress hair all the time, these popular hairstyles let your tresses grow much faster, so by spring summer 2015 season be sure to have long gorgeous hair. (more…)

Paris Fashion Week Hair Trends 2015 Spring Summer

paris fashion week hairstyles spring summer 2015

Paris Fashion Week introduced us hairstyles for spring summer 2015 that we all expected much.

For sure London Fashion Week, NYFW and Milan Fashion Week have shown us the main hair trends 2015 and we already learned that center parted hairstyles and slicked back hairstyles are going to be the main trend. For sure braids hairstyles are not left out from the list, still in spite of the exquisite designs we have already seen, I must say that the most special hairstyles solutions were left for Paris Fashion Week that proves once again its being the center of world fashion. Here is the collection of the most fascinating hairstyles and make up spotted in best designers' SS15 collections. (more…)

Milan Fashion Week 2015 Braids Hairstyles

Milan fashion week 2015 braids hairstyles

Braids hairstyles always find their way and the new hair trends 2015 are no exclusion. We can see braided hairstyles during the Fashion Weeks and can predict their popularity now.

Braids could be seen through New York Fashion Week in the form of thin plaits and London Fashion Week becoming bigger and more real, Berlin Fashion Week introducing braids updos. Indeed no any catwalk show will pass without braided styles, I assure you. Milan Fashion Week introduced braids hairstyles for spring summer 2015 that are more classy on the one hand, yet with many modern inscriptions on the other. Very classy French braids and twists were put in contrast with colorful ribbons and flower hair accessories making perfect popular hairstyles fitting all the trends of the coming seasons. Now let's enjoy the 2015 hairstyles pictures and then get ready for the next big show, cause Paris Fashion Week is awaiting us already. (more…)

2015 Hairstyles Trends from New York Fashion Week

NYFW hairstyles trends 2015
2015 hairstyles trends became more obvious during NYFW and I am glad to introduce you the most flattening hair designs in this article. Dear ladies, now that we have discussed Carolina Herrera and Tony Burch hairstyles for spring summer 2015, let me give an overview of 2015 hairstyles trends based on the collections being represented on New Your Fashion Week. The best designers from all over the world had their collections shown here, many of the names were not as known as the ones I mentioned above, but the designs they introduced were all brilliant. One tendency was clear: simplicity and naturalness. We could see hairstyles that will be popular for sure due to their easiness in styling. For sure there were sophisticated braids hairstyles too, yet easy ponytails and loose hairstyles were dominating. Actually braids appear in any fashion event and this time I should draw special attention to Mara Hoffman fishtail. (more…)

Top Trendy Fall 2014 Hairstyles

top trendy fall 2014 hairstyles

Each new season brings new trends. In any sphere of fashion. New hairstyles trends are for sure no exclusion. First of all new fall 2014 hairstyles are spotted on fashion shows, catwalks and red carpets introduce us the latest trends in hair design. Hair gurus know well enough what will be called trendy hairstyles and go for creating the brand new awesome styles. Now we can already say that fall 2014 hair trends have introduced one big trend: 60's voluminous hairstyles, they are back and are quite popular. Beside we see some new touch in wet effect hairstyles,now we have the roots as if wet, while the ends are straight and dry, looks contrastive and innovative. So if you are among those who are not afraid, then follow top trendy fall 2014 hairstyles and get your fashion show hairstyle. (more…)