Braided Hairstyles

Natural Twists Hairstyles 2015 Spring

Twist hairstyles for African American women are a great choice to provide gorgeous looks and versatile hair designs. If you appear to get biored of loose natural curly hair, and you are not skilled enoug to make braided hairstyles on you thick black hair, then twists are meant for you. The hair trends 2015 say that twisted hair is a good alternmative to braids and besides twists even have some advanatages.

Loose Twist Hairstyles 2015

First of all they are easier to design, and you do not need to have perfect styling skills. Moreover they are excellent protective hairstyles for natural black hair. And also twists are perfect base for many popular hairstyles both loose and updo. This kind of natural hairstyles for black women are very versatile indeed and of many types: Senegalese twists,Havana and Marley twists. There is a type even that looks like cornrows but is much easier to style. (more…)

Striking Natural Hairstyles 2015

Natural hairstyles can be a real ordeal if you do not find the most optimal solution for styling them. Choose the best haircut first of all. Hair trends 2015 offer us the range of hairstyles for black woman starting from extra short haircuts and going to long hairstyles, and all of those designs are simply stunning. You just need to find your own popular hairstyle that will make you unique and extra attractive.

Natural updo hairstyles 2015 Natural curly hairstyles 2015

There was time when African American women hairstyles choice was limited to box braids that are very easy to maintain and require no care at all. But time passes, and new hairstyles 2015 can offer great techniques for maintaining loose natural hair. (more…)

Cute Braided Kids Hairstyles 2015

braided kids hairstyles 2015

When it comes to baby girls, each mom becomes crazy in love with all possible cute and lovely things to maker her girl look like a princess, and not only her wardrobe matters but kids hairstyles as well.

Among hairstyles for your girl, I must say that braided ones give you the greatest variety of designs and new solutions. It is not only about one braid or classy two braids for kids but it is about all possible designs from messy braids, to polished and neat French braids. Braids hairstyles 2015 suppose so cute solutions that they can be not only for kids but for moms as well. Imagine a super modern mom with some pretty braided hairstyle and her girl reflecting the same looks. What a nice couple with very popular hairstyles! But to tell the truth, to make some exquisite braids, you will need to practice a bit on your girl, look through braids for kids pictures below and start right now! (more…)

Extravagant Long Natural Hairstyles 2015

Long Natural hairstyles 2015

Hairstyles 2015 are about being natural and staying close to inborn hair colors and hair texture, this is what we know and should take as basis for creating new designs.

African American celebrities are often seen with straight loose hair that looks flattening, but in reality the use of chemicals to get such looks results in greatest hair damage. That is why for spring 2015 hairstylists advice to go for natural hair looks, so women with black natural hair should choose staying with curly hairstyles, or they can create sophisticated updos and box braids with long hairstyles they have. Just do nit be afraid to use your natural hair texture and create popular hairstyles that will make you look unique and will underline your beauty donated by mother nature.With hair trends 2015 you can easily afford wearing the natural coils. Let's have a look at the most amazing and extravagant long natural hairstyles by celebrities to find some more inspiration. (more…)

Pretty Hairstyles For Holidays 2015

new year hairstyles 2015

New Year and Christmas are the most beloved holidays for the majority of people around the world and to be well dressed, and the gorgeous hairstyles 2015 is a must on these days.

We have spoken about New Year 2015 casual hairstyles and after party looks, now let's have a look at gorgeous party hairstyles for the greatest days we are going to celebrate. The most popular hairstyles among them are updo style that always reach the peak on these holidays. Still if you have short hair you can't get upset now, simply look through the hairstyles pictures below and you will see that short hair can look really gorgeous and elegant for the celebrating New Year 2015. As almost always celebrity hairstyles are the best source of inspiration to create the unforgettable braids and buns, updos and ponytails, loose straight and wavy hairstyles. (more…)

Best Braids Hairstyles for New Year 2015

best braids hairstyles 2015

Braids hairstyles stay on the wave of popularity for a long time already and seems nothing can make them leave the leading position among the trendy looks.

Braided designs of the past year show that any hairstyles with braids and plaits are popular and trendy. Starting from the simple loose side braid and ending with the most difficult and professional crown braids. Even if you do not have special and advanced skills for plaiting, don't get disappointed cause the simple designs are also creating the most popular hairstyles. Hair trends 2015 suggest easy and natural hairstyles, that is why all you need is to have long hair and start to experiment with the easiest side braids, French braids and go on with Dutch braided styles and halo braids. Just add some creativity and you will be able to recreate the celebrity hairstyles. Now let's see some epic braids hairstyles pictures for the coming holidays! (more…)

Hair Trends 2015: Twists & Braids

braids hairstyles 2015

Braids hairstyles for spring 2015 include the diversity of styles we have noted at different fashion and runway shows.

Braided styles have become popular long ago and till now they do not loose an inch of their fame. Hair stylists go on inventing newer and newer designs that at once turn to trendy hairstyles. This year hair trends 2015 suggest us being natural, so among braids hairstyles we can find many casual and messy variations that make you look casual and on-trend for any event. Actually from Donna Karan exquisite braids to easy and messy plaits at Michael Kors you can find the vastest variety of braids designs. So no matter whether you are skilled or not too much or even not at all, there is a braided hairstyle for each of, just make sure to grow out long hair before SS15. (more…)