Braided Hairstyles

Messy Summer Braids Hairstyles

Summer is in here and ladies with long hair seem to be lost in doubts what to do with their long tresses so much sported by hair trends 2015. Actually, do not get disappointed with you hair length. Even though the weather is hot and you can't leave your hair loose any longer, there are zillion of options to adopt and look relaxed and feel comfortable during summer 2015 season. And among them are braids hairstyles for sure. Talking about braids and styles with plaits is really infinite, and each time hairstylist invent newer and fresher ideas. Today this article will be devoted to messy braids hairstyles for summer.messy summer braids

Some people may consider that messy hairstyles are a sign of no good education and the bedhead effect is not polite. But look here at the messy braids long hairstyles that are really adorable and what is quite important they can be worn anywhere - on the beach, in the club, at home and also at some serious events. (more…)

Summer Side Braids Hairstyles 2015

Hair trends 2015 have it that long hairstyles are the main tendency and that is why starting from last year ladies rushed to grow out hair, and now with the coming of hot summer weather we face a problem of dealing with long hair. For sure simple ponytails and buns will always do, but there are exquisite braids hairstyles for summer time that will make your life easier. Braided styles can be of million of types and today we will speak about side braids hairstyles that are really popular this season. First I should note that last season's messy looks are not that favourable now, and you better follow this article to know what braids to create.

Summer Side Braids 2015

The most popular hairstyles among side braids now are wide braids. You create bog braids, not too tight and pick out and stretch each tress to edges and so you make a wide plait, that is the definite trend for summer 2015. These popular hairstyles are casual and are more of boho looks, but if you are skilled enough, you will be able to create even elegant evening hairstyles with wide side braids. (more…)

Top Trendy Box Braids Hairstyles 2015

Natural hairstyles for black women are not easy to manage and live with. Hours of straightening and styling can turn into real nightmare and make you give up on long hair and choose wearing short haircuts. But there is a better solution to follow hair trends 2015 and have long tresses - and that is box braids. You will leave your hair in peace and forget about wasting time on styling for a month or more. Box braids are perfect protective hairstyles, that will allow your hair grow without problems and will protect it from the environment pollution and influence. Some types of popular box braids hairstyles can last up to three months!

Box Braids Hairstyles 2015

Braided hairstyles for African American women are not boring as some may. On the base of box braids you can create the cutest hairstyles from loose long hair, to exquisite updo and bun hairstyles. A curious trend is making a French braid out of black box braids, that looks very nice and represent the fusion of cultures. (more…)

Dainty Braided Bun Hairstyles 2015 Summer

The wonderful spring-summer 2015 season is here and we all are eager to change looks and to get ready for the parties and nights out with friends.If you have long hairstyle, the variety of choice is the greatest for you. But leaving hair loose may not be very comfortable in many situations. And here come the greatest bun hairstyles! Can you imagine another updo style that can be so diverse? Of course, ponytails can be different too, but bun hairstyles can fit any occasion, cause they can be very official and elegant and very messy and casual. Right away I will introduce you dainty braided bun hairstyles that will help you shine on no matter where you go.

braided bun hairstyles 2015

The hair trends 2015 set by celebrities are worth having a look at, moreover you need to see those braided hairstyles ending in buns chosen by celebs, and start learning how to style them. Cause I assure you that these popular celebrity hairstyles will win your hearts and those of the people around. (more…)

Celebrity Cute Fishtail Braids 2015

Hours spent on hair styling, patience and time, efforts and again patoence. Ladies with long hairstyles will understand what I am talking about. Spending hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out the way to cretae the best braids hairstyles 2015 is what many of us are doing right now. Braids were popular before and theyv are popuar hairstyles now. But there is one type hat became extremely on-trend receltlyy due to celebrity looks and choices. This is about the fishtail braids. They became so popular because they are not very difficult to create firstly, and secondly they give the great range of designs. So you can turn on your imagination and start following the hair trends 2015!

celebrity fishtail braids 2015

As I said fishtail braids are cute and not very complicated. Still you need to have some skills to design the wonderful examples of celebrity hairstyles I am going to introduce in this article. So start playing with your long tresses and experimenting and I am sure that soon enough you will have skills and the tolerance to style the notorious fishtail braids. (more…)

Game of Thrones Braids Hairstyles 2015

The sensational series of Game of Thrones with all the episodes won hearts of millions of people in each corner of the world. The intrigues, the relationships, love and sex, wars. faithfulness and betrayal, this is what we love about this popular movie. But there is another thing that draws a lot of attention. It is the look of our beloved actors, their outfits, make up, and finally hairstyles. Have you have noted that the Game of Thrones is flooding with braids hairstyles? Yes, the most popular hairstyles with braids for spring summer 2015 can be found on the manes of the our beloved heroes. Braids are everywhere there, in loose long hairstyles, in ponytails and buns, in straight and wavy hair, even mens hairstyles are with braids.

game of thrones braids hairstyles 2015

So why not to follow the hair trends 2015 set by the TV Show stars? Mind that these are not usual easy braids we know. Here we see quite sophisticated braided updos and downdos, to create such celebrity hairstyles you should be skilled and patient. (more…)

Catwalk Braids Hairstyles 2015 Spring Summer

No matter the times, no matter the country, the nationality, and the event you are getting ready for, you must know that braids hairstyles are there for any occasion. From easy every day messy braids and French braids, to the most complicated braided updo style, these amazingly popular hairstyles will help you in any situation. Hair trends 2015 suppose loose braided hairstyles that are not very polished, cause it gives more natural looks, but the catwalk shows bring froward for spring summer 2015 astounding diverse braids that can be applied to long and to medium hair as well.

Braids Hairstyles 2015

The braided hairstyles that we knew before were very simple French Braids, maybe Dutch braids sometimes, but the modern tendencies introduce a vast variants of braids for thick and thin hair. And the stylish highlighting on your tresses will only make the braids look more flattening creating some color play in your hair. So if you are eager to see the cute braided hairstyles inspired by the fashion shows let's go and look through my smart gallery. (more…)