Box Braids

Cool Box Braids Hairstyles 2016

Box braided hairstyles have been with us for ages now, and we may think that like all other popular hairstyles they will fade away soon. Well, this statement is true about many hairstyles but not the African American box braids. What makes them so popular through all seasons and weathers? Well, one of the significant factors is that they are protective natural hairstyles. With box braids you can grow out your hair easily, and do not worry about contamination and pollution. Then, box braids are easy to live with. Once you have them, you can forget about hours wasted on styling for a whole month or even two. And besides they are versatile and cute. You can wear you stylish box braids long and straight a la Solange style, or you can create buns and other updos, you can have them one colored, or try being a blonde or multicolored.

Box Braids 2016

The main trends for hairstyles 2016 remain natural looks, so it is also quite fashionable to wear the box braids that are so natural for African American women, their face features and hair type. I am sure that many of you have already tried some braided hairstyles, but it is worthy to have a look at the below hairstyles pictures to get some more inspiration right now. (more…)

Top Trendy Box Braids Hairstyles 2015

Natural hairstyles for black women are not easy to manage and live with. Hours of straightening and styling can turn into real nightmare and make you give up on long hair and choose wearing short haircuts. But there is a better solution to follow hair trends 2015 and have long tresses - and that is box braids. You will leave your hair in peace and forget about wasting time on styling for a month or more. Box braids are perfect protective hairstyles, that will allow your hair grow without problems and will protect it from the environment pollution and influence. Some types of popular box braids hairstyles can last up to three months!

Box Braids Hairstyles 2015

Braided hairstyles for African American women are not boring as some may. On the base of box braids you can create the cutest hairstyles from loose long hair, to exquisite updo and bun hairstyles. A curious trend is making a French braid out of black box braids, that looks very nice and represent the fusion of cultures. (more…)

Striking Natural Hairstyles 2015

Natural hairstyles can be a real ordeal if you do not find the most optimal solution for styling them. Choose the best haircut first of all. Hair trends 2015 offer us the range of hairstyles for black woman starting from extra short haircuts and going to long hairstyles, and all of those designs are simply stunning. You just need to find your own popular hairstyle that will make you unique and extra attractive.

Natural updo hairstyles 2015 Natural curly hairstyles 2015

There was time when African American women hairstyles choice was limited to box braids that are very easy to maintain and require no care at all. But time passes, and new hairstyles 2015 can offer great techniques for maintaining loose natural hair. (more…)

Extravagant Long Natural Hairstyles 2015

Long Natural hairstyles 2015

Hairstyles 2015 are about being natural and staying close to inborn hair colors and hair texture, this is what we know and should take as basis for creating new designs.

African American celebrities are often seen with straight loose hair that looks flattening, but in reality the use of chemicals to get such looks results in greatest hair damage. That is why for spring 2015 hairstylists advice to go for natural hair looks, so women with black natural hair should choose staying with curly hairstyles, or they can create sophisticated updos and box braids with long hairstyles they have. Just do nit be afraid to use your natural hair texture and create popular hairstyles that will make you look unique and will underline your beauty donated by mother nature.With hair trends 2015 you can easily afford wearing the natural coils. Let's have a look at the most amazing and extravagant long natural hairstyles by celebrities to find some more inspiration. (more…)

Cutest Ideas for Protective Hairstyles 2015

protective hairstyles 2015

Natural hairstyles are sometimes difficult to deal with, and that is why we must know protective hairstyles ideas to stop wasting time each day.

Many African American women can come to think that they are simply wasting time trying to deal with their naturally curly hairstyles each morning. Some may say that instead they would take courses and spend hours on studying something important, and not stand in front of mirror. And I can agree with that. Hair trends 2015 bring forward natural hairstyles for black women and maybe this time you do not need to go for some exquisite designs with box braids and updos, but creating simple protective hairstyles 2015 is very useful. First of all is time you save, besides protective hairstyles keep ends away from the negative influence of surroundings, and as far as you do not stress hair all the time, these popular hairstyles let your tresses grow much faster, so by spring summer 2015 season be sure to have long gorgeous hair. (more…)

Dazzling Box Braids Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

asymmetric box braids updo

Box braids is an endless source for discussion and inspiration for innumerable awesome styles there can be designed. The good thing about natural hairstyles for black women is that they protect hair and also set you free from daily hair problems, and once you have box braids some two-three months will pass away with no hair stress. But box braids are considered to be popular hairstyles not only because they are easy to maintain but also because they offer so many amazing looks that you will never end up trying something new. And the most flattering is that many dazzling box braids hairstyles you can do yourself. Some simple tricks and guidelines will give you the skills for the creating the breathtaking image. So how to style box braids? (more…)

2014 Terrific Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

box braids updo hairstyles for black women 2014

Braided hairstyles are the perfect way to forget for a certain period of time about hair problems. This mostly concern African American women. Natural hairstyles for black women introduce many braided hairstyles just for one reason: braids protect hair from the harmful influence and are easy to maintain. Actually they say that braids appeared in 2000's b.c. and the fact that we have them now speaks loudly. Braided popular hairstyles are a mere space for creativity, cause here you can experiment not only with braiding techniques, but paly with highlights, hair colors and hair extensions to get awsome designs, Here I'd like to represent 2014 terrific braided hairstyles for black women. Black hair boosts natural thickness and seems to be meant for braids, so do not waste your time. (more…)