Half Up Half Down Box Braids Bun Hairstyles

If you think that there is no any hairstyle that you haven't tried, consider half up half down box braids bun ideas. At first sight very easy and casual styles, can look quite elegant and business too. Actually, box braids are very cool and on their base you can create any hairstyles you can imagine from ordinary ponytails to much more elegant French braids. Well, black ladies will agree that among updos, buns are the most appropriate for box braids. The donut bun looks big and impressive. Above all there is nothing co located in its styling. Just like a regular bun, half up half down buns are also worth attention.


They are meant to show off you versatile nature. On the one hand with half top knot you boast you long healthy jumbo braids. While on the other hand you have an updo that is nice and functional, takes hair away from face and looks cool.

Cool half top knots from jumbo braids

box-braids-half-bun-hairstyles half-bun-hairstyles-from-box-braids


The last summer brought forward a new wave of popularity for half updo hairstyles. All around we saw cute half knots or double buns. Quite naturally the trend found its place also among black hairstyles. The ways to create them are many. You can take very small amount of strands and fix in a high pony, and then wrap it around. Or there is another way to take more hair and create bigger bun on top.

Half up half down box braids bun ideas for cutest looks

cool-half-bun-from-jumbo-braids half-top-knot-box-braids

half-up-half-down-bun-hairstyles-from-box-braids half-up-half-down-box-braids-buns

Turning to street style looks for inspiration is one of my favorite ways to find the best solutions. Indeed women in streets can bear so much style that no any runway show could imagine. Besides, the style of a black woman is very different. It is unique in its combination of colors and outfits and accessories. And also hairstyles. So a most elegant looks can be achieved with the half up half down box braids bun hairstyle that you could always have considered casual and ordinary.

Nice ways to wear half buns

jumbo-braids-half-top-knot half-up-half-down-bun-hairstyles half-bun-for-long-box-braids

The above picture show you ow creative you can go with jumbo braids and top knots. If you are planning some special day, instead of the regular bun, try styling French braided bun with your box braids. This fusion of two styles always makes a good combination, impressive and attractive.