Meet Quann Sisters Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

Some of the most iconic natural hairstyles for black women are currently represented by Quann sisters. The famous bloggers became so much popular not only due to their talent but also due to their extravagant looks, always representing authentic image of African-American women, Their hairstyles are always huge black hair, with natural curly texture, or twisted on to dreadlocks. They wear high and huge bun hairstyles, or perfect loose black curls, and always manage to complete the image with modern accessories and extraordinary trendy outfits. Actually Cipriana and TK are the modern fashion icons for black ladies.


If you still prefer straightening hair and going through hundreds of procedures to get rid of natural black women hair looks, I advise you to go through this post and see Quann sisters amazing black women natural hairstyles worthy copying.

Natural black hairstyles for 2017

authentic black hairstyles Cipriana and TK

Black hairstyles Cipriana & TK



The sisters are much discussed, liked and disliked perhaps too, but the fact is that there are no other such famous people now that could boast natural hair texture so elegantly and easily and never go for some easier solutions like cropping off the tresses, or making simple updos to get rid of hair in hot weather.

Huge afro natural hair from Quann sisters




I can only suppose how much devotion and efforts are required to take care of such voluminous and fantastic natural hair, and for ordinary people who do not have hairstylists squad to help in daily procedures this is perhaps almost impossible. However, if you are ready for all the endeavours, then go ahead!

Black women updos & downdo hairspiration from Cipriana and TK Quann




Young ladies are very proficient with their dreadlocks hairstyles by the way. First of all, the locks are very taken good care of, that is quite natural. Besides we aways see them changing hairstyles, from the easiest loose ones, to the most complicated updos created on the base of the protective hairstyles they wear.

Quann sisters dreadlocks for black women

street-style-natural-ahir-from-qaunn-sisters updo-and-downdo-natural-hairstyles-for-balkc-women