Impressive Pastel Color Braids Hairstyles You Won’t Miss Out

What can be more amazing than pastel hair colors? I will say braids hairstyles on pastel hues! Now that with each day we see how longer nights become, we seem to feel the breath of winter approaching fast, and this is the very time to consider some extravagant and catchy looks, that will warm you up with smooth shades, or will convert you to Ice Queen with blue pastel colors. This post is devoted for ladies with long hairstyles that can afford creating crazy braids hair solutions and dye hair into the most fairy tale looking hair color.

pastel hair colors and braids hairstyles 2017

The winter tale is starting soon, so let's revive the colder season with colors of summer or with the most freezy tones. Braided hairstyles on pastel hair colors are really an astounding choice to have the fabulous look.

Blue pastel hair colors with braids

braided bun hairstyles on pastel blue color hair blue pastel hair colors and crown braids

cute pastel braids hairstyles

This winter you have unique chance to have the look of the Ice Queen. pastel hair colors are very popular and combined with braids and blueish hues, you will get the frozen hearted lady image.

Mohawk braids from pastel colored hair

Mohawk braids hairstyles on pastel hair pink hair and Mohawk braids

One of my favorite design is Mohawk braid that always has the most appealing image, but once you combine with with pastel colors, be sure to be the center of the world with such hair.

Violet braids

violet pastel hair colors and braids

When you dye not all of your hair into violet pastel, but create a transition from darker roots to lighter ends, you will result in obtaining unbelievable braids where the color transfer is so soft and on point.

Rainbow hair colors on braided half up half down hairstyles

half updo hairstyles on peacock hair colors

Maybe these colors are not that pastel and more resemble rainbow hair colors, anyways I can say that having such shades in winter is crazy, daring and very nice too. The play of color becomes more vivid when you create half updo hairstyle with braided tail, French one or fishtail.

Double braids on pastel hair

pastel hair colors and pigtail braids multicolored double braids hairstyles double braids hairstyles on pastel hair 2017

Look flirty, win hearts, be childish, be sexual - all can be provided by the popular double braids hairstyles, also known as boxer braids. You look like a kid with two pigtails, and at the same time you are playful inviting for some innocent flirt. Once you have pastel hair and create such braids, you will become the queen of the crowd, with all the attention concentrated on you.