Eye Catching Updos for Black Women

Natural hairstyles for black women are actually numerous and some of them include very simple black updos that you can create even without any special styling skills. Such protective hairstyles will keep the roots away from damaging, will make it easier for you to manage hair and will make you look elegant as well. Braids and twist and pin updo can become pretty updo hairstyles on their own or can be a part of a greater idea. These innovative ideas will vamp up your image and inject it with new breath, don't be afraid just to try one of the eye catching updos for black women I will introduce to you in this article. Here we go!

This hairstyle introduces how a twist and a braid can coexist together. deep side parting with a twist on one side turns to a brand new 2014 braided updo hairstyle that beautifully frames your face and underline your perfect lines.2014 braided updo hairstyles

Mohawk hairstyles are very popular among African American women, mainly for sure braided Mohawks. They not only look very daring and exquisite but they can make life much easier. Black Mohawks can be created with braids and twists, both look fabulous.

braided mohawk hairstyles for black women

The reverse twist coming from back part turns into a real masterpiece at the end. Braided updo hairstyle on the picture below is one of the cutest hairstyles for black women, as it looks very soft and flirty, as it is a variation of Pompadour hairstyles that are very sexy indeed.

braided updo for black women

Protective hairstyles for black women created from cornrows can become such a romantic updo.

cornrows updo hairstyles

Creative updo hairstyle on the basis of twists that are made in a special way from back to front part. Nice twisty updo, right?

twisty updo for black women 2014