Coolest Dreads Hairstyles for Men

Dreads hairstyles for men have their history and their cultural meaning also. There were time when the dreads and on the whole any plaited and twisted hair for men characterizes their rank in the community. And depending on the length and adornments one could guess a lot about the owner. Well, for now those times are long gone, but the ethnic component of dreads is not gone. No doubt, many white guys wear dreads and consider them appropriate and cool men's hairstyles. However, it is the black guys for who the dreads mean a lot and stick them to toots and underline their identity.


In any case, if we put aside the cultural side, we will get astounding hairstyles for men, that do look cool, that do attract attention. Dreads underline the manliness. And they underline your individuality. So if you have been growing out you hair, do not hesitate for a single second to obtain he coolest dreads for guys.

Bob Marley inspired male dreads




I bet that for many of us, for me for example, the first image that comes to mind when referring to dreadlocks is Bob Marley. The iconic and legendary musicians short and long and life time twisted and plaited hair has put the beginning of rasta hairstyle popularity.

Long dreadlocks for men



Dreads can be for any length. Indeed, for short hair you can ask your hairstylist to create the smallest twists that will start growing out. But if you have the long tresses already, then it is easier for you. In any case, creating dreads is a long process where following steps are required. First you need to separate hair to strands. Then gently combing backwards each strand get the dizzy hair. Then twist with palm. Then comb again until hair start to resemble yarn.

Extra long dreads hairstyles for men



Though you may consider that dreads do not require much attention, I have to say that on the contrary. You dreads should be washed twice a week ideally and dried properly. This will ensure their fresh look and good smell.

Cool men dreadlocks


Among the coolest dreads hairstyles for men, these buns is what I love most of all. They are pulled up and fixed casually, yet they can convert into an appropriate business look with a suit.



Actually dreadlocks leave a lot of space for imagination You can play with colors, adding yarn of different shades. You can create a shaved undercut style with front part braided. You can have both long and short dreads, and look cool and attractive in any case.