Black Women Braided Updos 2015 Summer

The owners of natural black hairstyles bear hot summer weather not very easily. And it is only because of their natural curls. Curly hair become almost unmanageable in hot sunny day and whatever hairstyle you try in a couple of hours you return to have the same curls again. But there seems to be a solution, and it is updo hairstyles that for natural hair are better with braids. For African American hair type braids and box braids precisely are the best protective hairstyles, that can save hair from pollution and save your nerves from dealing with frizzy tresses all the time. But besides, you can actually try any braided updo hairstyles to rock summer 2015.

braided updos 2015

Though hair trends 2015 stand for looking natural, I must confess that these exquisite braided updos for black women stand out of the crowd and no matter the tendencies they are always in the mainstream. To know more let's see some more celebrity hairstyles and their braided updos 2015.

Solange Knowles Senegalese twists updo

Solange Knowles braided updo 2015

This updo created on the base of Senegalese twists is quite inspiring, moreover look et her lips. The nude lipstick is right to the point. It is sexy and it doesn't shift attention from the gorgeous braids hairstyle of hers.

Loose braided updos 2015 Summer

Keke Palmer braided updo 2015

Coco Jones braided updo 2015

If you have enough courage and time, then you can try this mix hairstyles. First you will need to straighten your hair and then create cute braids.

Lupita Nyong'o braided updo for summer

Lupita Nyong'o braided updo 2015

Lupita was shining like a real star at Cannes Film Festival 2015 with her fairy-tail green dress and braided updo hairstyle Here she has same like braids. Seems to be her signature hairstyle.

Black women braided updos 2015

Crystal A. Dickinson braided updo 2015

Regina Hall braided updo 2015 summer

Braided updo hairstyles are quite diverse and you can try whatever you like. But some of them are very functional above all, and can be worn for several days.

Mohawk braided updos 2015 summer

Janelle Monae braided updo 2015

One of the main advantages of black hairstyles is their thickness and on its base you can create almost any hairstyle you like. This inventive thick Mohawk braid is really impressive an dis worth your attention to try out this summer.

Braided updo hairstyles for black women

Uzo Aduba braided updo 2015 Jill Scott braided updo 2015

Shaved sides solution for naturally curly hairstyles s a great option indeed. You create the updo and do not doubt about your sides whether they spoil and become curly at hot weather. Besides it looks really stylish!

Small box braids updo hairstyles 2015 Summer

Aissa Maiga braided updo 2015

For sure we could not miss out box braids from this gallery. They are the greatest hairstyles for black hair and this thick ponytail made out of small box braids will fit any summer event.

Crown braid updos 2015 Summer

Shingai Shoniwa braided updo 2015

Crown braids can be classy and elegant and they can be authentic and underline your individuality and also nationality. This fantastic big and thick wrap around braid is a real statement.