Always Cute Short Box Braids

Black women hair type is unique, it is awesome but it is quite complicated to take care of it. For sure naturally curly hairstyles are awesome, but they demand a lot of attention and care and nerves. That is why black women have developed series of astounding protective hairstyles that are not only cute but also provide calm and tranquil life to owners. Protective hairstyles like box braids make your life much easier and for a couple of months you can totally forget about styling hair. But it doesn't mean that such hairstyles for black women are boring and monotonous. The box braids styles can be developed into any modern popular hairstyles, even to the most trendy bob haircuts. In many cases protective hairstyles suppose long twists and braids made out of various extensions.

Best short box braids hairstyles

However the new hair trends 2016 introduce overwhelming short box braids hairstyles, that are mainly represented by lob and bob hairstyles that are in the mainstream these seasons. So if you have never tried wearing short braids before it is high time you went for a cute bob.

Bob hairstyles out of box braids

bob hairstyle from short box braids short box braids and bob hairstyles

summer short box braids hairstyles

Looking in vogue is number one aim for many black ladies, and keeping up to date with modern tendencies is inevitable and highly advisable. Bob haircuts are really on trend hairstyles. Not only among celebrities but also among common women. Bob haircuts are the ones that are easy to maintain and at the same time they look cool. So why can't a black woman have such gorgeous hairstyles?

Colorful short box braids hairstyles

blonde short box braids hairstyles stylish short box braids hairstyles

short box braids hairstyles with highlights

Wearing box braids is so natural for the African American women. They are almost considered to be natural authentic hairstyles, as if we do not have extensions here but mere normal mane. And in this case to look different and fashionable you have to think over some little trifles that will upgrade your look. Hair colors is one of best solutions. Try tresses of blonde colors, or add some purple highlights to the black box braids to fit the summer vibes.

Bob hairstyles out of box braids for black women

short box braids hairstyles for black women short box braids hairstyles for summer 2016

Wearing hair a bit shorter than usual has always had its special effect on people around. Short hair is meant for an independent and confident woman, and if you consider yourself such, still not wanting to go to extremes and loose femininity, then bob haircuts should be your choice. Moreover, box braids forming your bob will make you such a stylish thing.