Celebrity Bob Hairstyles 2015 Spring Summer

The sun is already warming us up and we want to blossom this spring just like the nature does. Some get tired of the long hairstyles and weakened tresses, the others on the opposite want to follow the hair trends 2015 and suffer in an attempt to grow out healthy hair. While you are somewhere in the middle there is a choice for any period of life and any occasion -  popular bob hairstyles. Bob cuts have gone through history and no matter what tendencies in outfit, make up and hairstyles we see, bob styles go on being on-trend. The well known stars never stop wearing cute and easy hairstyles that bob haircuts can offer and why not to follow the celebrity hairstyles?

celebrity bob hairstyles 2015

Spring summer 2015 season is the time for a new breath and for a change. Start from you hairstyle. The bob haircuts can be very versatile, from extremely short bobs to lob hairstyles, from very straight and sleek to curly styles.

Short curly bob hairstyles 2015 Spring

Sienna Miller bob hairstyles 2015 Lily Collins bob hairstyles 2015

Celebrities are always the first to adopt the new looks coming into fashion. And some are smart enough to adopt one style that suits most of all, and enjoy all the benefits of it. Such style is the bob haircut, quite short and styled curly it is very romantic.

Kim Kardashian bob hairstyles 2015

Kim Kardashian bob hairstyles 2015

The celebrities we are used to see with gorgeous glossy long hair, have not always been long-haired. Look at Kim, her long bob hairstyles is very impressive on her thick brunette hair.

Side swept bob hairstyles for Spring 2015

Rosamund Pike bob hairstyles 2015 Michelle Williams bob hairstyles 2015

You can wear you bob totally straight and make a side parting to shift attention to hair and not hte lines of your face. The blonde hair color is very suitable for such style.

Jourdan Dunn bob hairstyles 2015

Jourdan Dunn bob hairstyles 2015

Another extremely straight bob hairstyle is represented by Jourdan in the hairstyle picture above. Here we see a bit angled bob and a side parting, the hair color with slight highlights is very nice indeed.

Short straight bob haircuts 2015 Spring

Evan Rachel Wood bob hairstyles 2015 Anne Hathaway bob hairstyles 2015

If you are on your way to grow out your tresses, but you have just started, you must be very nervous about semi short disobedient streaks you have. The neat short bob will turn your messy look into a polished one.

Katy Perry vintage bob hairstyles 2015

Katy Perry bob hairstyles 2015

There is some unique glamorous around bob hairstyles 2015 that is inspired by several vintage hairstyle introduced by the most beloved celebrities. Katy's vintage curly bob is astounding in couple with deep brunette hair color, her fare skin and bright red lips.

Celebrity wavy bob hairstyles SS15

Jourdan Dunn wavy bob hairstyles 2015 cheryl cole bob hairstyles 2015

While the tendencies of hairstyles suggest growing out hair, the celebrities go on choosing bob hairstyles and creating the most unforgettable looks ever. The wavy bobs are very cute.

Celebrity bob haircuts for Spring Summer 2015

Lily Collins bob hairstyles 2015 Emma Roberts bob hairstyles 2015

Keira Knightley bob hairstyles 2015Alexa Chung bob hairstyles 2015

For some beauties bob hairstyles may become signature styles that will fit them the most and will be remembered by the audience. We have seen Keira with various styles, but confess that this cute wavy bob is awesome.

Jessica Alba bob hairstyles 2015

Jessica Alba bob hairstyles 2015

One of the tendencies in modern bob haircuts is the shaggy style. Layered bob with shaggy ends, styled a bit wavy, looking a bit messy, yet being so trendy. Look at Jessica!