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Lovely Vacation Summer Hairstyles 2014

summer-hairstyles 2014

Summer is the time for vacations. After the whole year spent at wok or at college we need a good rest. We plan our trips thoroughly not to miss any single detail and make sure that the journey will be a real fun without unexpected happenings. Among all the stuff we thunk beforehand, I must say that the choice of summer hairstyles is quite significant. On the road to the sea we need to take the most of the fun, instead of thinking of creating cute hairstyles, washing hair and spending hours on styling. Forget about big city popular hairstyles and for summer choose the most comfortable and easy-to-do hair designs that will allow you to enjoy the vacations to the full. Here is a collection of lovely vacation summer hairstyles 2014, that will make the choice of hairstyle for you much easier, I hope. (more…)

Astounding Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

curly pompadour prom hairstyles for short hair

Short hair is the length that many girls and women simply adore. It is easy to take care of and doesn't need any special treatment. This all is fine for daily life. But here come a special event like prom. What to do then? For many girls senior ball is the most important event in life so far, so looking smashing can't be under question. Many prom hairstyles are meant for long tresses, still don't get desperate, short hair prom hairstyles are also variable and breathtaking. Be sure to first of all to choose your dress then go on with trendy hairstyles to pick up your unique one. In this article you will find some fresh ideas for astounding prom hairstyles for short hair, that you can style even yourself. (more…)

Cute And Stylish Updos for Medium Hair

messy french twist updos for medium hair

Medium hair is the most dynamic one. It can be worn loose without any implications, it doesn't require the maintenance long hair do, and it is not unmanageable like short hair can be. Medium hairstyles are good cause they can be worn loose and demonstrate your gorgeous tresses and they can be style into an updo hairstyle that will look not less gorgeous, Certainly some updo hairstyles demand extremely long hair and you can't afford them with medium length, but on the other hand medium hairstyles are very versatile. Let's have a closer look at cute and stylish updos for medium hair. What we can find in here? The most trendy hairstyles for medium hair are buns, they are simple to create and look fantastic. Modern tendencies let you make them messy to create natural hair effect. Besides, knots are also among leaders in this list. (more…)

Diverse Modish Types of Bangs for Round Face

short haircuts with bangs for round face

Round face shape always introduce cute and pretty women, and underlines femininity. Yet round faces need special hairstyles. You can't have all hair swept back, thus making your face look fuller and cheeks wider. You can have hairstyles with bangs instead, that will make your face visually longer and underline the dimples on cheeks round faces are blessed with. Bangs for round face should be chosen attentively. Blunt cut bangs are not always the thing need. While asymmetrical and elongated side bangs will only make you look better. Let's consider diverse modish types of bangs for round face and bring out the most trendy hairstyles meant particularly for you. (more…)

Impeccable Hairstyles for Square Faces 2014

Sandra Bullock hairstyles for square faces 2014

Fashion and beauty standards are variable. Once people adored thin and skinny body shapes while now Asian standards are more popular. The same happens with hairstyles. Time changes and beauty features as well. For men square faces are a sign of boldness, strength and character and they do not need to choose special hairstyles for square faces, while for women the same features should be softened like we see in the most popular celebrity hairstyles. And here we can call on trendy hairstyles aimed at shaping your face, boosting the best features and hiding some imperfections. Impeccable hairstyles for square faces 2014 create proportional faces very easily with the help of awesome layering techniques and bangs styles. Yet there are certain things you should avoid if you have strong angular face shape:


2014 Prettiest Updos For Medium Hair

jessica alba braided updos for medium hair

Medium hairstyles are supposed to be the most functional, that allow you average maintenance and innumerable styles to play with. However sometimes you may face gorgeous hairstyles that appear to look better on long hair length. That is why you need to know what kind of hairstyles you may experiment with on midi hair. Hot weather makes us think more about summer hairstyles and here doubtless updo hairstyles have a leading position saving us from warm tresses in the sun. The trendy hairstyles among updos are top knots, ponytails, and braided styles. And almost all of them are possible on medium hair. 2014 prettiest updos for medium hair will offer you not only casual hairstyles for every day, but some exquisite designs to be worn on special events. Trendy updos for medium hair are: (more…)

On-Trend Short Black Men Haircuts 2014

short black men haircuts 2014

African American men with the naturally curly hair can afford many hairstyles indeed, but mostly they choose to have short haircuts. And this is quite reasonable, cause among mens hairstyles short cuts are the easiest to maintain. They require almost no care and if you are living an active and sporty life then short haircuts for black men are meant for you. You can show off your perfect facial features by choosing short crops that are considered the most trendy hairstyles. Or you can try to have short 'fros with a bit longer hair on the crown area and a fade cut on the sides to show off not only handsome face lines but dense and healthy hair texture. Lets see the pictures of hairstyles I am talking about and get convinced that on-trend short black men haircuts 2014 introduce very manly hairstyles that look super sexy and hot. (more…)