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Ultra Modern Hairstyles 2015 Spring / Summer

Hairstyles 2015 Spring Summer

Spring / Summer 2015 season is already well discussed and we have definite ideas about hairstyles trends 2015 that will come soon.

Ladies, we all are well aware that changes and new ideas are the things that we love most of all. We have discussed quite a lot hairstyles for 2014 Fall / Winter 2015 season and discovered many gorgeous decisions for styling hair in cold weather, so we are totally ready for winter 2015. But I must say that New York Fashion Week, London and Berlin Fashion Weeks have introduced us all new breath hairstyles for SS15 and here I'd like to give a brief overview of the most popular hairstyles introduced during the most prominent catwalk shows 2014. As you know some tendencies in hairstyles 2015 are very definite now, and we know for sure that center parted hairstyles and slicked back hairstyles are the trendiest looks for coming SS15. So let's see what else is there. (more…)

Slicked Back Hairstyles 2015 Spring/ Summer Trends

slicked back hairstyles 2015 1

Ladies with thin and greasy hair, come closer - slicked back and wet effect hairstyles will be the main hair trend 2015 during spring/summer season.

If you have fine hair that seems to attract grease in an instance after being freshly washed, I must say that you are the lucky one. New York and London Fashion week among all the beautiful popular hairstyles have put accent on pulled back shining hair, that was seen all around almost in the collections of all designers, from Julian McDonald and Alexander Wang to Carolina Herrera.Their models' hairstyles were sleek and smooth, mostly long hairstyles just pulled back, or tied in a ponytail. Well, I must say that waves and curls were not left out totally, but you could spot them only at the ends, the roots being sleek and glossy. Let's see now some of slicked back hairstyles 2015 from the best Fashion Weeks. (more…)

London Fashion Week 2015 Hairstyles: Street Style

London Fashion Week hairstyles 2015 - shaved side street style

London Fashion Week has launched and we already have the first insights for hair trends for spring summer 2015.

New York Fashion Week has just left and taught us many brand new ideas for hairstyles 2015, but it is time to go ahead and see what London Fashion Week will bring us. London appeared to be foggy and weather was colder than in New York and we could see people all around dressed in jackets and coats wearing appropriate trendy hairstyles. And that's better I must say, cause now we are entering frizzy season and maybe we will leave behind all the trends of 2014 and follow directly warm designs for spring summer 2015. To start with I want to introduce you street style in first place. Let's see what hairstyles are wearing common people attending LFW and then on we will come to professional designers' solutions. (more…)

Louis Viutton Hair Color Trends 2015

Louis Vuitton Resort 2015 Hair Color Trends

Pastel hair color seems to come back this fall/winter 2015 and let us see why and who sets the hair color trends 2015.

During the latest fashion weeks we managed to understand that we have a comeback of past hair color solutions, that is to say soft pastel hair colors. And now we got proofs. Louis Viutton Resort 2015 show above brand new collection of clothes and accessories, introduced incredible hair colors. There were models all over the place with light pink, lilac and turquoise color strands in their tresses. First it could seem the play of light, cause the shades were really soft and barely seen and made the guests and photographers lean closer to models to get convinced.  And yes! The hair color trends 2015 made a sensational comeback for pastel hair colors and this model Rudnicka's tresses with purple shades flew all over the world to set the trend. (more…)

2015 Hairstyles Trends from New York Fashion Week

NYFW hairstyles trends 2015
2015 hairstyles trends became more obvious during NYFW and I am glad to introduce you the most flattening hair designs in this article. Dear ladies, now that we have discussed Carolina Herrera and Tony Burch hairstyles for spring summer 2015, let me give an overview of 2015 hairstyles trends based on the collections being represented on New Your Fashion Week. The best designers from all over the world had their collections shown here, many of the names were not as known as the ones I mentioned above, but the designs they introduced were all brilliant. One tendency was clear: simplicity and naturalness. We could see hairstyles that will be popular for sure due to their easiness in styling. For sure there were sophisticated braids hairstyles too, yet easy ponytails and loose hairstyles were dominating. Actually braids appear in any fashion event and this time I should draw special attention to Mara Hoffman fishtail. (more…)

New York Fashion Week Easy Hairstyles 2015 Spring / Summer

Tory Burch NYFW Spring 2015 hairstyles

Tory Burch for NYFW introduced us designs with minimal accessories, making accent on imprints, and easy hairstyles that look very natural and will be the hair trend 2015.

Indeed among the exquisite hair designs seen all over the New York Fashion Week, Tory Burch hairstyles have unique place. They boost with simplicity and style. And I am sure in these crazy days when women do not have too much time to spend on hair styling and make up, these cute easy hairstyles for spring 2015 will be in the mainstream letting women look extra trendy with  minimal efforts. Anyways, hairstyle can be plain and nice only when accompanied with vivid outfit. And I don't mean bright colors but rather characteristic outfit, clothes that underline your personality like in Tory Burch Spring 2015 collection. As for hair colors 2015 this designer's collection had no artificial hair colors, all natural, thus very beautiful. (more…)

Fall 2014 Blonde Hair Color Ideas: Ash Blonde

fall 2014 ash blonde hair color ideas

Blonde hair color ideas for Fall 2014 seem to be infinite, find the brand new ash blonde hair color solutions by going through this article.

There was time when ash blonde could appear a bit boring and not attractive, but modern hair dyeing techniques and hair hues have brought out matte ash blonde that now simply rules the show and seems to be the greatest invention of hair colors 2014. When you hear the phrase that blonde hair color will never go out of fashion, you must know that is the bare truth. The hair professionals all in one voice will now tell you that the new matte ash blonde is very particular and stylish. Trendy hairstyles with matte ash blonde will convert you into a different person - self confident, strong, yet rather feminine. And all this just by choosing the best fall 2014 ash blonde hair color that is on the peak of popularity so far. (more…)