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Hair Trends 2015: New Year Hairstyles

Guido Palau New Year hairstyles 2015

Being in the mid December we should be getting ready for New Year Eve and study the ourfit and New Year hairstyles tendencies right away.

Let's leave the gorgeous evening dresses and original inventive outfit you may think of for Christmas and New Year and pass on to hairstyles. Hair trends 2015 offer us only harmonious looks so study the hairstyles first then go to the wardrobe. As we have said before being natural is what is expected from each of us the coming season spring summer 2015 and that is why we should test the modern looks celebrating New Year and getting closer to popular hairstyles. I must say that among the best things to try now are first of all beach waves hairstyles. The slightly tousled hair will inject everybody around and you of course with summer energy and make you well prepared for spring. Such hairstyles were spotted at Valentino, Emilio Pucci and other designers' shows. (more…)

Hair Trends 2015: Designer Hair Accessories

hair accessories 2015

Hair accessories have always been an important part of any women's beauty kit, now with long hairstyles coming back into fashion they seem to be more in favour.

Hair trends 2015 spread their influence not only on popular hairstyles but on hair accessories as well, that is why this year's Fashion Weeks introduced us marvellous hair accessories that are meant for casual life. Imagine, for daily use! Not futuristic and too glamorous designs but simple casual and elegant pieces that can be used in everyday life as well as for some official meeting. Yet we can't say that everything was that simple. At Fendi show for example everyone was impressed by the crocodile like leather hair accessory that turned the simple low ponytail into a unique design. At Dolce & Gabbana Spain inspired flowers made a real triumph on the runway and I am sure the glorious red flower hair accessories will walk down from the red carpet into the common people. (more…)

Hair Trends 2015: Huge Bun Hairstyles

bun hairstyles 2015

Among updo hairstyles we have seen so many designs for any events, and only bun hairstyles keep on being our favourites for their elegance.

Starting their origin from strict ballerina buns, this updo styles have changed a lot through history, they have lived through evolution and now it is not a simple updo that takes all hair away to move freely in ballet, but it is art that requires special attention. Fashion Weeks have introduced various designs of buns, starting from the original ones, and going to huge low buns, braided buns, and all creative Sumo Knots by Carolina Herrera we have reviewed. All the styles are unique and all of them can fit any occasion. Again the only condition is long hair just as hair trends 2015 offer us to grow out the tresses quickly. Lets see some of the runway popular hairstyles that boost our interest this much. (more…)

Hair Trends 2015: Bombshell Curly Hairstyles

Bombshell Curls 2015

Curly hairstyles have always been a symbol of femininity, sexuality and charm, and many women prefer to spend hours on styling only to get the desired looks.

Indeed it is hard with us ladies, cause we never know what we want - curly hairstyles we turn to modern slicked hairstyles, and straight hair become wavy whenever we want. But one thing is definite: the Brigitte Bardot bombshell curls will always be popular hairstyles and will inspire women all over the world to grow out hair, then spend hours and struggle with curling iron and rollers, and at last to have the relaxed lazy and so sexy hairstyle. Bouncy curls were introduced at Fashion weeks this year, due to that they look quite natural though require time and hair trends 2015 sporting long hairstyles and natural looks offers bombshell waves as a mainstream hairstyle for spring 2015. (more…)

Hair Trends 2015: Wet Hairstyles

wet hairstyles 2015

Slicked hairstyles have become a real sensation during the Fashion Weeks we have witnessed this year making a great entrance in hair styling for the coming seasons.

Wet hair effect is not so new in fashion, yet it boosts its popularity only now. During Paris Fashion Week we have seen gorgeous slicked hairstyles and fell in love with them. The most famous hairstylists turned to wet hairstyles this time, among them we could see even Guido Palau with models as if just out of water. Popular hairstyles created on the base of wet and well gelled hair is a real fun and discovery for girls with greasy hair. By following the hair trends 2015 you will be able to avoid washing hair now and then, just pull back and comb your long hair and the ultra trendy hairstyles are ready. Let's have look at wet hairstyles for spring 2015 by famous hair gurus. (more…)

Hair Trends 2015: Twists & Braids

braids hairstyles 2015

Braids hairstyles for spring 2015 include the diversity of styles we have noted at different fashion and runway shows.

Braided styles have become popular long ago and till now they do not loose an inch of their fame. Hair stylists go on inventing newer and newer designs that at once turn to trendy hairstyles. This year hair trends 2015 suggest us being natural, so among braids hairstyles we can find many casual and messy variations that make you look casual and on-trend for any event. Actually from Donna Karan exquisite braids to easy and messy plaits at Michael Kors you can find the vastest variety of braids designs. So no matter whether you are skilled or not too much or even not at all, there is a braided hairstyle for each of, just make sure to grow out long hair before SS15. (more…)

Hair trends 2015: Smashing Ponytails

ponytail hairstyles 2015

Ponytails are one of the favourite hairstyles for the coming spring 2015 season making the headturning comeback with famous sumo knots at New York Fashion Week.

Indeed the whole summer and previous seasons we were talking about loose and relaxed hairstyles making much accent on beach waves, short bob haircuts and pixies. While now we clearly can see the long hairstyles tendency for 2015 and it's high time to let your tresses grow. For sure boho waves discussed before are extremely trendy but what makes ponytails so unique is their simple design and elegant looks. Besides ponytails can save your hours of styling and make you look amazing even on bad hair days. For ladies with greasy hair, the ponytail popular hairstyles are a real fortune, cause you can forget about washing hair every now and then and style a gorgeous ponytail instead. So let's have a look at runway hairstyles pictures. (more…)