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Beauty & Hair Trends For Spring 2015

beauty and hair trends 2015

Now that we are almost passing the New Year, the spring time seems closer and we can already talk about the beauty and hair trends 2015!

In this article I am going to introduce you not only hairstyles 2015 as it usually happens, but to discuss on the whole the beauty tendencies. We have spoken many times that popular hairstyles in coming season will be long hair and natural looks, and this concerns not only hairstyles but the whole looks. When it comes to make up it should be close to natural tones and just underline your inborn beauty. As for nails, no too bright colors, better go for skin tone colors. Besides, it will be very trendy in spring summer 2015 to keep fit and take care of your body, so be ready for fitness. Now lets see some hairstyles pictures and not only to be among the first to get ready for SS15. (more…)

Forever On-Trend Shaggy Bob Haircuts 2015

bob haircuts 2015

Bob haircuts are the styles that keep on being trendy no matter what fashion tendencies come forward each new season.

For sure, the hair trends 2015 mostly stand for long hairstyles, that can be styled natural without any special skills. But short haircuts and mostly bob styles are always popular among women. Bob cuts fir women of all ages, making young girls look funky and playful, and older women look younger and trendy. It is pretty amazing how a simple bob can change your image and influence your individuality and perception of life. There are quite many bob variation and the most stunning is the shaggy bob haircut, that can be blunt cut and can asymmetrical. One of the greatest examples of such mainstream bob is Emma Stone's sensational bob of the season, but to see more shaggy bob haircuts 2015 just scroll down and get inspired with fashionable looks of celebrity hairstyles. (more…)

Best Braids Hairstyles for New Year 2015

best braids hairstyles 2015

Braids hairstyles stay on the wave of popularity for a long time already and seems nothing can make them leave the leading position among the trendy looks.

Braided designs of the past year show that any hairstyles with braids and plaits are popular and trendy. Starting from the simple loose side braid and ending with the most difficult and professional crown braids. Even if you do not have special and advanced skills for plaiting, don't get disappointed cause the simple designs are also creating the most popular hairstyles. Hair trends 2015 suggest easy and natural hairstyles, that is why all you need is to have long hair and start to experiment with the easiest side braids, French braids and go on with Dutch braided styles and halo braids. Just add some creativity and you will be able to recreate the celebrity hairstyles. Now let's see some epic braids hairstyles pictures for the coming holidays! (more…)

New Breath for Center Parted Hairstyles 2015

center parted hairstyles 2015

Center parted hairstyles return to fashion little by little and recent Fahion Weeks prove this fact to be true by the beautiful hairstyles 2015.

The side parted hairstyles ruled the show for a while. We could see all possible hair designs with slightly off centered hair to deep side parting. But what we see now in hair trends 2015  is an obvious tendency to come straight to the center. The center parts have their advantages, as they accentuate your best facial features very vividly, and if you have perfect oval face and symmetric facial lines these popular hairstyles are what you need. The London Fashion Week introduced mostly long hairstyles with center parting but what we see daily when reviewing celebrity hairstyles is that centering is in all styles and hair lengths, from short bob to extra long hairstyles. So if youi want to rock SS15 it's time to change the direction and opt for a center parting. (more…)

Meeting 2015 With The Best Haircuts 2014

best haircuts 2014

Ladies, we already got well prepared to meet the New Year and have all the smashing hairstyles 2015, but it is worth mentioning that the passing year had many gorgeous designs.

So what was so unique in 2014? For sure, the answer is obvious - haircuts! We can't know what has happened in particular, what was flying in the air, but we know for sure that very magnificent air created the most unforgettable haircuts 2014. Many celebs have changed their looks this year, and the domination direction for celebrity hairstyles was chopping of the length and creating ultra popular hairstyles of the season. Besides, these hairstyles will be the base for hair trends 2015, so lets have a look to see the trendy shaggy bob haircuts, the sensational lob haircuts, the sudden pixies and crops and get inspired for the New Year looks. The thing to remember is that you must not be afraid to make a change and get the brand new look for a brand new year. (more…)

Pretty Haircuts for Winter 2015

winter haircuts 2015

With the weather change so drastic you can also choose some dramatic change in your style and here your inspiration will be the pretty haircuts for winter 2015.

We have talked a lot about spring and summer 2015 hair trends, but with the coming of winter we can't miss out this season and trying something extraordinary and brand new for Christmas looks. Hair trends 2015 have already spread their influence on winter 2014-2015 styles and designs so we are again talking about staying natural. But if for SS15 season the fashion tendencies advice to grow out your tresses, for winter you can still look very trendy with bob haircuts, lob hairstyles, layered medium hairstyles and finally, yes!, long hairstyles, slightly wavy, or sleek and straight that is more trendy. So let's have a look at popular hairstyles pictures to get the understanding of the winter trends and then go to the hairstylist directly with the best celebrity hairstyle to try on. (more…)

Hair Colors 2015: Warm Winter Shades

hair colors 2015

Hair colors 2015 are the embodiment of a stylish woman, self confident in ger beauty and natural in her style, they show us the image of a strong woman that can be so feminine and touchy.

Being very natural hair trends 2015 offer staying natural while choosing hair colors as well. You can go from all variations of blonde to ombre and dark highlights, have honey blonde hair color and brown chocolate hair color with highlights. Just keep in mind that to look fine and create popular hairstyles you first of all need to have healthy and glossy hair. No one will approve if you have nice color but dry hair with bad ends. For sure it is obvious that pastel hair colors have made a comeback and the fashion weeks proved it, but this coming year we can't speak of bold pink and green colors. As for winter choose hair colors to warm up your cold days, see below the perfect choices. (more…)