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Crazy Pastel Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Being in the middle of summer you can find yourself a bit bored with your image. Summer is the time for insanity, careless choices and a lot of fun. And even though hair trends 2015 set natural hair colors as main tendencies, women can't stick to one style all the seasons. And that is why here we see crazy pastel hair colors 2015 Summer. Ladies, we love changes,for some of us very drastic change is painful and almost impossible while for the others it is the best solution, cause the wild spirit of theirs is never sleeping. If you really choose to have pastel hair colors for this summer, you must now that going too bright and edgy won't do. First of all remember the Louis Viutton pastel hair colors set for 2015 and try to be as soft as possible.

Crazy pastel hair colors 2015 summer

A good decision will be experimenting with blonde and adding blue, pink or green to the blonde basis. That is not necessarily permanent hair dyes, but they can be temporal and used for fun. (more…)

Summer Ombre Hair Colors 2015

The tendencies in hair colors 2015 have taught is already that this year we should sport one-dimensional pure hair shades, but when it comes to summer time we can't miss out the fabulous tendencies of ombre highlights 2015. Make your image even more attractive, add a new soft touch to change your look for summer time. As we know the trends in all spheres of fashion are now supporting natural looks and this concerns hairstyles as well. Even though you will have to dye your hair to get the ombre hair color, mind that it shouldn't be dramatic and bright and artificial. For summer choose blonde ombre that will very sunny and will fit you tanned skin. Blonde ombre can be mixed with brown hair colors, caramel highlights, different shades of blonde merging into each other.

Summer Ombre Hair Colors 2015

Besides take into account that soft transitions among blonde hues will make your life easier for daily hair care routine. Well, I have collected some real ombre hair color pictures from all over the web so you can see ombre highlights on common people like you! (more…)

Trendy Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Vivid hair colors and crazy hair shades, fusion of styles in one, daring and artificial looks - this all was popular the previous seasons. But now going forward to summer 2015 hair colors, we need to know some bare truth: natural looks - this is what hair trends 2015 prompt us to have this year and precisely this summer season. That is why we see every where one tone hair shades. No highlights, no ombre hair colors, but deep one-dimensional colors. Well, the word one dimensional seems to be very dull and not that pleasant defining something as not interesting at all. But now that we speak about hair colors 2015 that is the exact world to describe all modern tendencies in hair colors.

Hair Colors 2015 Summer

Brunettes, with deep dark chocolate hair colors, blondes with caramel shades, and redheads with strawberry tone this is what we will be seeing this summer everywhere. So you still have some time to have a look at the trendy styles and rush to your stylist to get the popular hairstyles, and the below celebrity hairstyles will be your inspiration. (more…)

Perfect Shades Of Blonde Hair Colors 2015

Many women around the world consider blonde hair colors to be problematic. Indeed blonde requires time and care, a good care, so that hair doesn't look faded and inaccurate. For sure it all also depends on the amount of money and time you can spend on having perfect shades of blonde for spring 2015, but on the other hand blonde hair colors have one great advantage: if you choose the right shade for your skin tone, blonde will make you forget about make-up and beauty procedures. Yes! During a recent talk actress Clémence Poésy mentioned that she has the perfect shade of blonde for her skin tone. It allows her not to use too much make up and look astounding.

perfect blonde hair colors 2015

So what is the secret of blonde hair colors 2015? It is very simple! You just need to choose the tone that is the most relevant to you eyes and skin tone. In this case blonde will have the perfect impact on your looks, the play of shade and light will make you look fantastic even without a sign of make-up. Lets see the popular blonde hairstyles and get convinced. (more…)

Celebrity Blonde Hairstyles 2015 Spring

Blonde hair color has always ben flattening and the new hair trend s2015 keep it in the mainstream. The good thing about new tendencies are long natural hairstyles. So imagine the gorgeous blonde hair color combined with long hairstyles! Yopu will become unforgettable. Any hairstyles starting from loose simple hair, to beach waves, ponytails and sufficient braided updos will look unforgettbale combined with blonde hair shades. Modern hair dyeing techniques offer us not only the traditional pure blonde that has been know for ages, but quite complicated shades, standing between red hair colors and brown hair shades.

Celebrity Blonde Hairstyles 2015

If you want to be in trend, let's see some pictures of celebrity hairstyles, that will keep you updated and will become the source of inspiration. The spring 2015 is here and it high time to change style and even get ready for summer season, and we well know that blonde hair colors 2015 are he best for the sunny hot weather. (more…)

Noble Brown Hair Colors Spring 2015

Blondes may say that their hair color is the most amazing one, while many will confess that brown hair color is the best. The palette of brown hair color shades is enormous, coffee beans, hot chocolate, cappuccino, macchiato, and this is not about coffee types, but about the most charming hair colors 2015. We know well about the hair trends of 2015 and we know that hair colors should be close to natural color and fitting skin tone. So if you are wearing a blonde hair color and want to go darker start from light brown hair colors with highlights maybe. And then go darker and darker.

celebrity brown hair colors 2015

If you are wearing dark color and you have olive skin, then you can go as deep as you wish, from deep dark brown hair color and to auburn hair shades. Celebrity hairstyles below will help you choose the shade that will fit you, and also a hairstyle that will create totally new image of yours for spring 2015. (more…)

Vivacious Red Hairstyles 2015 Spring

Red hair color can be worthily considered the most flattening hair color. The oldest argue between blondes and brunettes lasts a lifetime, and while they try to decide who is cooler, redheads just live their lives and enjoy each moment of being gorgeous, Red hairstyles for spring 2015 are quite up-to-date, even though we have spoken the natural breath of hair trends 2015. The thing is that now ou cant just pick up any red hair color shade you wish and dye your hair at once. To create popular hairstyles on red hair color you need to take into account some factors.

red hairstyles 2015

First of all consider you natural hair color. If you are a blonde, even dark blonde then you should try very light shades of red, ike strawberry red hair color. If you have naturally brown or brunette hair color, then you are free to choose between brightest purple, auburn and copper hair colors 2015. The skin tone also matters, but the palette of red hair colors nowadays is so wide, that you can find your special one easily. (more…)