Striking Natural Hairstyles 2015

Natural hairstyles can be a real ordeal if you do not find the most optimal solution for styling them. Choose the best haircut first of all. Hair trends 2015 offer us the range of hairstyles for black woman starting from extra short haircuts and going to long hairstyles, and all of those designs are simply stunning. You just need to find your own popular hairstyle that will make you unique and extra attractive.

Natural updo hairstyles 2015 Natural curly hairstyles 2015

There was time when African American women hairstyles choice was limited to box braids that are very easy to maintain and require no care at all. But time passes, and new hairstyles 2015 can offer great techniques for maintaining loose natural hair.Natural Afro hairstyles 2015

Afro natural hairstyles 2015

The classy Afro style is always in fashion, though we saw it on peak of popularity once, now you can't say that it is out of fashion, cause celebrities like Naomi Campbell has also recently appeared with gorgeous Afro. This is a unique way to underline you roots and origin, yet your tresses well taken care of will show your modern looks.

Box braids natural hairstyles 2015

Long box braids natural hairstyles 2015 Box braids bun hairstyles 2015

And here we come to the style that was once just a way to keep hair neat and do not waste time on styling. Box braids are very easy to maintain, though the process of creation requires time and skills, but once you get you can forget about hours of hair straightening or curls styling. As mentioned once such braids for black women were just a way to forget about hair problems, but nowadays the modern hair tendencies have turned box braids into art of styling. Now you can see diverse updo hairstyles and buns made of box braids, loose hairstyle and half updos. And I must say they look very cute and actually fit any African American woman, regardless of face shape and hair length.

Cute updo natural hairstyles 2015

Updo natural hairstyles with flowers 2015

Cute updo natural hairstyles 2015

The natural black hair are hard to manage, that is why many women come to choose wearing updos to keeping hair loose. Such updo styles are not only comfortable to manage, but they look great indeed. Mostly bun hairstyles for black women come to surprise us with their designs. You can see them with precious hair accessories, or with flowers, styled very high, and on middle level.

Medium Natural Hairstyles 2015

Medium Natural hairstyles 2015 Twisted natural hairstyles 2015

If you have grown out your thick tresses to medium length, then you have enough courage and patience to wear them loose. You can try this long angled bob hairstyle like in the picture. Do not straighten you hair totally, the soft waves will make your style look more natural and relaxed. And on the other hand you can make twist from your medium length hair and forget about hair styling process and problems it brings forward.

Short natural hairstyles 2015

Extra short natural hairstyles 2015 Short natural hairstyles 2015

And at last we reach short black haircuts for African American women. These are stunning indeed. Not many can dare cutting of the long tresses, but as a result them have very modern, extra fashionable short haircuts that draw attention and keep all eyes on you.