MET Gala 2017 Hairstyles & Celebrity Looks

Each year we are following the biggest fashion night Met Gala and each time we get inspired with the new looks celebrities introduce. Why is Met Gala so important in beauty and trends industry? Actually, the key conception here is the theme. Every time organizers select a new topic and celebs come out aspired by the theme. Well, in many cases these are extravagant and daring looks. Do you remember Rihanna "omelet" dress in 2015? Or robot like looks at MET Gala 2016? Indeed, examples like that are really many. Met Gala 2017 hairstyles and beauty looks were all devoted to Rei Kawakubo/Commes des Garçons. As the name says itself it is all about avante gard appearances. The most brave looks were those of Kendall Jenner and Rihanna, and of course Katy Perry. However, we are here to discuss the celebrity hairstyles. What is clear at first sight is that the biggest trend on show are bob hairstyles.

best MET GALA 2017 hairstyles

From Selena Gomez to Kylie Jenner and back to Kim Kardashian, the super stars preferred shoulder length hairstyles. Obviously, this is the basic trend of the current season as well for 2018.

Bob cuts as best Met Gala 2017 hairstyles

Selena Gomez bob hairstyles 2017 Met Gala Naomi Watts wavy bob hairstyles 2017 Met Gala

Bella Hadid bob hairstyles 2017 Met Gala Kendall Jenner bob hairstyles 2017 Met Gala

Yes, Kendall has the "dress" (well, we can barely call t a dress) that leaves very little to imaginations. Revealing almost all her bod, it really shook the world. In any case, try to get you eye up from her but and look at the hairstyles. The perfect long bob, styled messy wavy, swept to one side. This is the trend - careless beauty.

Celebrity middle part hairstyles

Nicky Minaj mid part hairstyles 2017 Met Gala

Julianne Moore mid part hairstyles 2017 Met Gala

Looking at the long hair, we see that the tendencies keep being in hands of mid part styles. Perfect symmetric parting or slightly off-centered will make the fashionable image.

Updo hair ideas from red carpet

Rihanna updo hairstyles 2017 Met Gala Salma Hayek updo hairstyles 2017 Met Gala Miranda Kerr updo hairstyles 2017 Met Gala Jennifer Lopez ponytail hairstyles 2017 Met Gala


In spite of the avant garde direction of the event, Met Gala 2017 hairstyles introduced us many classy updos. The iconic ponytail of Blake Lively, the simple elegant twist of Miranda Kerr, the smooth ponytails of Jennifer Lopez are all the styles that one can wear every day. And yes, Rihanna was very appropriate to the theme wearing a real Garçons dress.

Cara Delevingne painted pixie hairstyle

Cara Delevingne pixie hairstyles 2017 Met Gala

Talking about being ahead of time, here is the absolutely new wave in hair fashion. Just a couple of weeks ago model and actress Cara Delevingne absolutely shaved her head, after wearing a pixie cut for a while. At the big event she appeared in Chanel suit and with silver painted pixie hairstyle. It is just a WOW!

Natural hair trends

Zendaya natural curly hairstyles 2017 Met Gala Lupita Nyongo natural hairstyles 2017 Met Gala

Finally, black ladies once again proof the major trends for natural hair!