10 Best Hairstyles That will Never Go Out Of Fashion

The trends for everything in the fashion world changes with each single day And we, ladies, being so busy with our job and family and, why not, with ourselves sometimes can miss some hottest tendencies. Thank goodness, there are some trends that actually never go out of fashion. This refers to each single branch in the beauty world, from accessories to make up, from casual outfits to cocktail dresses. Of course, this is absolutely true about popular hairstyles too. This is why I have collected a brief gallery of 10 timeless trendy hairstyles that always find their special niche no matter what trends and seasons we are living.

best timeless hairstyles

Below you will find short pixies, forever trendy bob cuts, long straight and layered styles, that have gone through decades and still prove their popularity. Get ready for the journey!

#1 angled bob cut

timeless angled bob hairstyles

Actually, we now see so many variations of bob that we can hardly manage to understand which are the trendiest, To help you, I can state that classy angled bob will always provide you with a stylish image.

#2 bob hairstyles with bangs

timeless bob hairstyles with bangs

Bangs are back! Right now models and celebrities go for different tyoes of fringes. However, you can always follow the tendencies with a cute bob an a short fringe.

#3 classy pixie cut

timeless pixie hairstyles

Getting back to 60's and them to modern times, we see that extra short pixie cuts still hold their positions.

#4 twiggy haircuts

timeless twiggy hairstyles

One of the variations of pixie is the twiggy haircuts, An inspirational style indeed, that arouses individuality in everyone who tries it.

#5 wavy timeless trendy hairstyles

timeless soft wavy hairstyles

Waves are perhaps the timeless trendy hairstyles that all of us adore. Soft and romantic, very feminine, you can always rely on smashing looks with the softest wavy strands.

#6 forever curly

timeless curly hairstyles

It was in 90's that we lived a boom of perm curls. Then Shakira came along with her huge curly mane. And now many of us still love them, cause they are girlish and cute.

#7 long layered hairstyles

timeless long layered hairstyles

Another way to look on-trend is wearing layers. For long and medium hair, layers are the bets way to freshen up the look and get some more volume.

#8 sleek and straight hairstyles

timeless long straight hairstyles

The current trend for sleek and long hair actually started long before. Now we just have the latest versions of them.

#9 bouffant hairstyles

timeless bouffant hairstyles

Preparing to party? Get the best look with bouffant. For sure, this can;t be called the same high and extra voluminous style of 60's, but in any case it looks fine.

#10 elegant updo hairstyles

timeless elegant updo hairstyles

At last, don't forget about elegance and delicacy. Smart updos have gone throughout the history and today we still find them nice and appropriate.