10 Hottest Hairstyles To Wear This Spring of 2017

The cold days seem to be going away soon and soring will enter to its reign. I bet that many of us, ladies are already thinking about changing our appearance somehow with the coming of the warm days. No matter whether you have straight or curly hair, long or short, below you will find 10 hottest haircuts and hairstyles 2017 spring time will offer us. Gaining inspiration from the celebrities that always go one step ahead of time, here we are to witness the trending hair ideas.

best haircuts and hairstyles 2017 spring

The main trends seem to give preference to bob hairstyles, yet long hair still can offer some smart ideas for your new looks. Now let's see which are the major spring 2017 hair trends.

#1 heavy untidy bangs

Jessica Biel bangs hairstyles 2017 spring

The tendencies speak for themselves. Casual looks, a bit untidy even. The bangs of Jessica remind of Berkin and look very fashionable right now.

#2 full length fringes

Felicity Jones bangs hairstyles 2017 spring

The bangs mass trend started from runways. Milan Fashion Week Burberry models were wearing full length messy bangs. And here is how it went viral.

#3 middle part hairstyles 2017 spring

Kendall Jenner middle part hairstyles 2017 spring

It is absolutely official that center part hair looks are the most wanted now. It is proven not only on runways, but also off the catwalks. See Kendall Jenner wearing her casual broken waves style with slightly off centered parting.

#4 soft wavy bob cuts

Olivia Munn wavy bob hairstyles 2017 spring

Perhaps, the most widely spread trend that went to every single corner of the worls is the bob cut. Now the soft waves and lazy texture are on-trend.

#5 layered bob hairstyles 2017 spring

Hailey Baldwin lob hairstyles 2017

When bob is so popular, the next step will be wearing long bob hairstyles 2017 spring time will offer. Overgrown with heavy layers added, the lob will definitely make you look sexy.

#6 bronde long bob haircuts

Cara Delevingne middle part bob hairstyles 2017 spring

Look at the color first and then on the style. Cara always manages to find the right nude hair color shade. Bronde tones from dark to light are her main asset.

#7 middle part short straight bob

 Taraji P. Henson short bob hairstyles 2017 spring

The shirt flawless blunt bob is meant for everyone. The black actress shows off perfect style with her new cut, that you can easily follow.

#8 asymmetrical bob styles

Gina Rodriguez straight bob hairstyles 2017 spring

Another variation of bob is the sleek yet asymmetrical cut. It embraces face and shows some mystery in the difference of length.

#9 curly bob styles for spring

Kerry Washington curly bob hairstyles 2017 spring

If you have natural curly hair, do not hesitate to leave them as they are. Boast the benefits of short cut, curls will only make it more adorable.

#10 short naturally curly hairstyles

Alanna Arrington natural curly hairstyles 2017 spring

It is all about texture! Your natural curls will always look fine, even on the shortest cut!