Saucy Shaved Sides Mens Hairstyles 2015 Spring

Fashion was once meant for women mostly but nowadays to look trendy and stylish is as essential for a modern man as for a woman. Besides, women pay much attention to the way the man looks. First come shoes, then outfit and the mens hairstyles for sire. Women like when men look accurate, maybe not very polished and neat, but accurate and taken care of. Hair trends 2015 for men offer first of all beards with short haircuts. This tendency makes men look braver and stronger. As for hairstyles for men for spring 2015 I will suggest looking through this gallery of shaved sides hairstyles that are among the most popular hairstyles for men during SS15.

mens hairstyles 2015

Shaved sides hairstyles are not limited by simply short hair and very short and shaved sides. Actually among these hairstyles for men you can find the one that will fit you and will reflect your personality. Longer bangs hairstyles, Mohawk hairstyles, long hairstyles with shaved sides, many designs are possible and popular now. So you can consider your hair type and your lifestyle and choose the hottest mens hairstyle to fell stylish and confident conquer women.

Shaved sides hairstyles for men

shaved mens hairstyles 2015 Spring fade haircuts for men 2015

For hot weather and mostly for summer season shaved sides hairstyles are simply perfect, cause they will keep you cool and at the same time you can still boost your healthy mane and show off your sexuality. For black men the traditional fade haircut can become even more trendy if you have patterned sides.

Shaved sides hairstyles for men and a beard

Shaved sides hairstyles for men and a beard

As mentioned above beards for spring 2015 are very trendy. The real stylish men for these seasons will choose to have neat beards. From celebrities to common guys beards are really in the mainstream. And if you combine them with shaved sides haircut, you will be the man.

Shaved sides haircuts for men 2015

Curly mens hairstyles 2015 Shaved sides hairstyles for men wth longer crown hair 2015

If you want to show off your hair and can't decide to grow out hair, you can choose the shaved sides hairstyle and leave the crown part longer. And then on it can be styled a bit wavy to look funny and funky, or you can comb the crown hair back super sleek and look very daring and sexy.

Wet effect hairstyles for men 2015

Wet effect mens hairstyles 2015

One of the hair trends of spring 2015 are wet effect hairstyles. And it refers not only to woman that look very sensual with as if totally wet hair. For men wet effect and perfectly combed hairstyles are also very up-to-date. The shaved sides, and neatly styled crown hair will make you look saucy.

Mohawk hairstyles for men 2015

Mohawk hairstyles for men 2015 Mohawk hairstyles for men 2015

Shaved sides haircut will give you an opportunity to have the ever popular hairstyle of all times - the Mohawk hairstyle, that always looks stylish and attractive.

Simple shaved sides hairstyle for men

Simple shaved sides hairstyle for men

Here is a perfect and simple hairstyle for men that want to be on-trend and look stylish. The shaved sides and natural curls combined with very thin beard is very gentle and manly.

Shaved sides hairstyles for black men 2015

Long mens hairstyles 2015 Mohawk hairstyles for black men 2015

Black men can easily afford having long hair styled in twist or box braids, and such hairstyles are perfectly completed with shaved or patterned sides. And again Mohawk hairstyles that looks funky on any guy.