Innovative Shag Haircut Ideas

Nowadays one-length haircuts are not so popular and many women go for layered hairstyles. Why you may ask? And the answer is quite simple: layered hairstyles are easy to maintain. Women are as busy in our days as men and we need haircuts that will take no time and yet will make us look stylish and feminine. Shag haircut looks modern, smart, and attractive. It can have  certain amount of layers and finishes at the edges depending on hair type and thickness. Actually any type has its own innovative shag haircut, and here are some of such popular hairstyles ideas. Definite layers of this shag haircut combined with highlights and lowlights of the blonde hair color makes it very attractive. Note that shorter layers are turned inside to underline the face shape while the back layers are flipped out that looks very playful. blonde shag haircut If your face is long then this long shag haircut is meant for your. Center parting and layers that add volume on sides makes this a perfect hairstyle to add visual wideness to cheeks. long shag haircut Greatest example of innovative hag haircut where we see few layers through the length of haircut and more on the front part. Though it looks quite messy and natural, in reality the medium shag haircut is styled properly and completed with silky touch. medium shag haircut ideas

Thick hair also have their shag haircuts. Layers don't start from crown part, but rather at the ends, visually making hair thinner. Such shag haircut for thick hair and brown hair color with highlights looks very stylish. shag haircut for thick hair A well-known A-line bob can turn into such a modern short shag haircut with wispy layers. Blonde hair color with honey highlights makes it very seductive. wispy shag haircut