Hot Shaggy Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts are never fading styles that have survived decades. Classy bobs are now updated with layers and modern twists and they look stylish, edgy and daring. Messy trend in hair styling has brought its own rules and even the beloved bob hairstyle has gone through inevitable changes that actually do not ruin the style but bring fresh breath to it. Bob haircuts are upgraded mostly with layers leaving apart color solutions. Stepping with the time we seek for hairstyles to be easy to manage, so look at the pictures of hot shaggy bob haircuts below. We well know that shag haircut is the easiest to maintain and in combination with classy bob style, it makes unforgettable images.

If you seek for new image but classy bob is very dear to you, than shag layers can be styled sleek and calm and you will get the desired short layered bob.

blonde layered bob hairstyles

Shaggy bob haircut introduces us definition, decision and character. Are you ready to express yourself with this cropped shaggy bob haircut?

cropped shaggy bob haircut

The basic hair color and hair dyes are almost of the same shades that creates incredible effect indeed. Layered bob haircut with layers from mid ear level present outstanding texture and volume. Styled messy it looks very flirty, for more calm looks style the bob sleek.

layered bob haircut

Long shaggy bob haircut will give you more options to play with lines and layers. Blonde hair color perfectly fits in the image of long layered bob.

long layered bob

Shaggy bob haircut is a life saviour for women with thin hair. Even if you don't want to leave it messy and choose sleeker styles, the shag layers will do the job and provide the volume you lack.

shaggy bob haircut