Updo Hairstyles 2014

Functionality and style - this what women seek in hairstyles, and this is why we often choose pulled up hairstyles. We already know quite well that an updo will save us no matter if you are going to a casual party or formal event. But the styles we know are not enough already. That is why in this post I will show you some updo hairstyles 2014 that are gorgeous and easy-to-do by the way. cute side ponytail elegant loose ponytail Classy updo hairstyles are still in trends but with some modern tricks. Lets consider classy bun or ponytail. For everyday life, a business woman can choose messy side ponytail, that at the end can be combined with headband and look great for an after work cocktail. Such hairstyle with a flower hair accessory or bright ribbon will be suitable for a party. To get ready for a formal occasion, try to design a bun or top knot. It is not difficult yet it will make you look glamorous. Finish the hairstyle with a playful hair accessory. Half updo hairstyle is among the most popular updos nowadays. You just need to pull up the front strands and leave the rest of hair loose. This hairstyle is meant for long hair mostly. Hair can be taken back and fixed with elegant hair accessory. Besides you can try a braided bang, that will look very trendy I assure you. wedding half updo hairstyles cute lose pulled up hairstyle Indeed, it doesn't really mean what updo hairstyle you choose, all of them are nice and cute and the most important highly functional. Updo hairstyles can suit any event, any occasion. Be sure that with such hairstyle you will be the center of attention anywhere you appear. Loose updo hairstyles 2014 messy updo hairstyle flirty updo hairstyles 2014 half up-do hairstyle