Trendsetting Long Hairstyles 2014

Long hairstyles are a dream for many ladies. For sure they need special care and with long tresses you will need to devote time and effort to keep them in good and healthy condition. But what you will get back is worthy your efforts. Gorgeous long hair will arm you with zillion of hairstyles to rock each season of 2014. Any updos and downdos, loose and tight, wavy and sleek, braided neatly or left messy, all will be possible for you. Besides hair trends 2014 prompt us that popular hairstyles of the current seasons are the ones created on long hair. So take some patience, grow out your hair a bit and you will be able to forget about sticking yo one haircut, and will go on experimenting with trendsetting long hairstyles 2014. The below hairstyles pictures will introduce the best long hairstyles from celebrities and red carpet events.

Wedding long hairstyles 2014

Loose wedding hairstyles are quite popular in 2014. Look at this curly hairstyle that with the make up and bright red lipstick makes a perfect bridal style.

trendsetting long hairstyles 2014

Deep side part long hairstyles 2014

Hair trends 2014 are full of side swept hairstyles when one part is made extremely sleek. This may look boyish at first sight but take a look again, it is sexy indeed.

deep side part long hairstyles 2014

Messy braid long hairstyles 2014

Messy braids are in fashion for several seasons now and in 2014 do not yield positions. With contrasting lipstick and nails color, the blonde hairstyle is amazing.

messy braid long hairstyles 2014

Mixed texture long hairstyles 2014

Hair trends 2014 offer us to mix textures like in the below picture. The sleek top part with center parting slowly changes to wavy hair in the middle and on the ends.

mixed texture long hairstyles 2014

Segmented ponytail long hairstyles 2014

Ponytail is the style for every woman of any age. Tendencies of 2014 introduce us such new curious design of ponytail divided into sections. Looks cute.

segmented ponytail long hairstyles 2014

Side swept long hairstyles 2014

Simple side swept long hair styled straight always catches eyes. Mind that hair condition should be perfect in this case.

side swept long hairstyles 2014

Slept-in texture long hairstyles 2014

Hair trends 2014 brought forward hairstyles that look relaxed and natural. Bedhead hair and slept-in hairstyles became very trendy.

slept-in texture long hairstyles 2014

Slicked back long hairstyles 2014

Here is an easy way to look elegant and be ready for formal event. With long hair getting such a strict hairstyles is simple: slick your hair back and fix with hairspray.

slicked back long hairstyles 2014

Splashlights long hairstyles 2014

The well known ombre hair color in 2014 has come to us with new variation: splashlights that spread horizontally from ear to ear.

splashlights long hairstyles 2014