Summer Beach Wavy Hairstyles 2014

Summer has already entered its reign and now we are getting prepared for the beach season. Ladies are running from shop to shop to find the most summer swimsuits and accessories, and don't forget about popular hairstyles. Summer hairstyles are all relaxed, cause the truth is that none of us will like to spend hours on hair when we are on holidays. So wavy hairstyles are the most fitting for beach. But you must know how to create those beach waves, and in this article I will introduce some methods to create summer beach wavy hairstyles 2014 and be in trend.

These cute beach waves should be style in the middle of your hair length, that is to say not touching the roots and ends. Use curling iron 2-3 times on each strand to get such wavy hairstyle. beach waves 2014 Look at this blonde wavy hairstyle and how natural it looks! Yet it requires some efforts. You need hair conditioner, Epsom salt and dissolved salt to be applied on all hair that will goie this beach waves effect. blonde wavy hairstyles To get such natural wavy hairstyle you need to wash hair and dry it with towel, no blow drying. And then use the curling iron, not wrapping the strands around iron very tightly, so as to get such loose and relaxed waves. naturally wavy hairstyles

Waves on such short shag haircut look very cute indeed. To create it you need a curling iron to curl the strands but mind that this short wavy hairstyle must not be perfect, so curl to different sides and make curl of different size. short wavy hairstyles And finally here is the leader of summer wavy hairstyles 2014. Heat-free curling method will allow to create loose beach waves without heat that can actually damage your hair. All you need is a headband around which you need to wrap the hair strands. summer wavy hairstyles 2014