Stylish Thematic Bridal Hairstyles 2014

Wedding organization is a very breathtaking job. You need to pay attention to every single detail. Your dress, his suit, accessories and furniture, all has to be in its place to look harmonious. For bride wedding hairstyle is one of the most important pieces of the image. If something goes wrong with bridal hairstyle, you can't avoid a disaster. Nowadays many couples choose a theme for wedding close to their nature. Here are stylish thematic bridal hairstyles 2014 that I collected from weddings organized in some special atmosphere and surroundings.

Aristocratic wedding hairstyles 2014

The wedding organized in black, white and purple, the tulle skirt wedding dress suggest a very classy and elegant updo bridal hairstyle to fit the spirits. Anyways here you see that braided loose updo hairstyle was chosen, that ends in two Dutch braids at the back. Such wedding hairstyle 2014 is perfectly completed with tiara that makes the bride look like a princess.

aristocratic wedding hairstyles 2014

European wedding hairstyles 2014

Europe is an embodiment of rich culture and modern tendencies. Many couples nowadays prefer European weddings, that are reserved and strict on one side, and stylish and modern on the other. If you choose a mermaid dress and a wedding ceremony in blue sea tones, then you need a simple low bun hairstyle. Min that you can easily fix your wedding veil with a comb over your bun and have the special bridal looks.

european wedding hairstyles 2014

Great Gatsby bridal hairstyles 2014

The popularity of "Great Gatsby" movie and the masterpiece book has inspired many stylists in all spheres to come to the designs of 1920's. Weddings are not an exclusion. We are used to think that bridal hairstyles should be created on long hair. But look at this short pixie haircut, styled in loose waves swept to one side. Most important here is the headband that looks like tiara, and at the same time resembles headbands worn in 1920's.

great gatsby bridal hairstyles 2014

Messy curly updo bridal hairstyles 2014

Curly updo hairstyles can fit any wedding theme, vintage and the most modern. And it is easy to design. Some strands of the soft curls are left out and teased by warm breeze making you look joyful and flirty.

messy curly updo bridal hairstyle

Rustic wedding hairstyles 2014

Rustic weddings are an amazing fusion of roughness and softness. Every detail should speak to the rest and make a harmonious ensemble. Simple and elegant dress is completed with a curly side braided hairstyle. Ombre hair color makes the ends look completely blonde that is so tender and sweet.

rustic wedding hairstyles 2014