Stylish Shag Haircut

Stylish shag haircut is among the most popular hairstyles nowadays. Many women go for it, due its low maintenance and style. Shag haircuts look very stylish and modern and give you various styling options, you will be able to create totally contrasting looks each time.

Originally shag haircut is created on the bases of bob hairstyles of any length or pixie haircuts. It is just about layers. The haircut must be initially shag oriented with its layers and ends. Actually, the image you will have at the end depends on layering style. Layers can start from crown part, and spread all over the length, or there can be just a few layered strands, and above all how the ends are cut also determines the result, you must know yourself what you want to look like and hair stylist will turn your dream into life.

And now girls let's see stylish shag haircut examples and you will get convinced that's super stylish.

medium length shag haircut

Distinct layers combined with reverse ombre makes this shag hairstyle stand out.

red shag hairstyle

Shag hairstyles are very expressive, especially when combined with such fire color, it' s real statement.

brown shag hairstyles

Long bob hairstyle completed with long side bang turn to a perfect shag haircut if the layers are like in the above picture.

sexy shag hairstyles

Ash blonde hair color, distinct ends of layered bob, and naturally curly hairstyle make her rather sexy.

shag haircut

Long shag haircut looks amazing in the picture. Acquire such feathery layers to have the same.

wavy shag haircut

Classy bob haircut with waves and layers looks simply awesome.