Outstanding Braided Mohawk

Mohawk hairstyles have reached us through many years and now represent a whole category of hairstyles. We are talking not about original mohawks worn by rockers years before, but modern hairstyles that are chosen by women all over the world. Actually I want to thank hair stylist that never stop paying attention to mohawk styles and each year upgrade them with modern tricks and twists. Modern mohawks are not about shaved sides only. Braided mohawk is one of the most popular hairstyles nowadays. Ladies, in this post I want to introduce you outstanding braided mohawk examples, so that you can see that they are cute and feminine and in some cases very elegant as well.

braided hairstyles for black women

Look here! Incredibly gentle and elegant mohawk hairstyle, braid created on relaxed hair, even the sides are not very tight, but the mohawk is quite clear.

mohawk braids hairstyles

Stylish and delicate mohawk, the sides braided tightly and all the small braids gathering on the crown part thus creating the braided mohawk.

dutch braids mohawk hairstyle

Who could ever think that Dutch braids can be styled in a mohawk hairstyle? But here you are, incredibly cute and full of style.

african american mohawk hairstyle

The sides of mohawk are not necessarily shaved, even braided, twist will also look fune. The ends are left curly that gives playful feminine touch to the whole image.

mohawk hairstyles for women

Hair extensions are very suitable for creating mohawk. You can use colorful weaves and create the look you want, besides you do not need to fix the ends, you can leave them loose.