Modern Sensitive Marilyn Monroe Hairstyles 2014

Marilyn Monroe is a beauty icon of all times. Women all over the world recreated her image for decades and even now her old photos look in the mainstream. Her hairstyle is a separate story. Based on a classy bob hairstyle, but accentuated with incredible blonde hair color, and the unbelievable curls made it an iconic hairstyle of the times. Many popular hairstyles chosen by celebrities introduce the same magical Marilyn Monroe blonde curls, that are elegant and sensual. Modern sensitive Marilyn Monroe hairstyles 2014 are the ones that usually have middle length varying from chin length to shoulder length. These trendy hairstyles can be designed not only with rollers as the well-known classy bob of the celebrity, but also with fringes and a bit wavy even sleek. Nowadays we see that this hairstyle has become very wide spread and this is due to perfect hair length, that is not long to create problems with styling, and not too short to limit your styling possibilities. Marilyn Monroe hairstyle can be styled on any hair type and curiously it will fit any face shape. For sure you will need to decide with hair color, whether you want to totally recreate the image or note. here I must note that before choosing the marvellous platinum blonde hair color, Marilyn Monroe hair stylist had tried 9 other blonde shades. are you ready for such attack on your hair? Anyways, her hairstyle can be designed with your own hands with the help of curling iron. But before doing that, look a t the pictures of celebrity hairstyles that favour the old good blonde bob. Christina Aguilera bob hairstyles 2014 Christina Aguilera bob hairstyles 2014   Drew Barrymore bob hairstyles 2014 drew barrymore bob hairstyles 2014   Gwen Stefani bob hairstyles 2014 gwen stefani bob hairstyles 2014

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