Men Hairstyles 2014

Hairstylist and fashion gurus have already determined hairstyles trends 2014. New designs are daring and flirty, for strong and romantic personalities. New styles are very different and numerous, you can spend hours going through galleries to choose the best hairstyle for you. And this refers not only to ladies hairstyles but to mens hairstyles as well. Men haircuts are also very creative and multifunctional, the times when men wore buzz cut are long gone, so have a look at this selection of men hairstyles 2014 to get inspired and change for a modern look. mens hairstyles 2014 men hairstyles 2014 A bit longer hair than we usually see on men is the trend this year. Longer hair will give men opportunity to experiment and have many hairstyles for different events. Buzz cut hairstyles for sure looked definite and manly but it has no options. A little longer front part will allow you to have sleeked back hairstyle for formal events, or a bit messy one for casual meeting. This hairstyle is easy to maintain above all. The style can be designed in just five minutes. Just wash your hair, dry a bit, then use hair gel and style the way you want, sleek or tousled. For perfect tousled hairstyle use texturizer and create the design with fingers. For perfect sleek hairstyle apply strong gel that will keep hair in form for hours. messy men haircuts short men haircuts