Inspiring Short Wedding Hairstyles 2014

Ladies hold breath before the wedding day, doubting whether all is planned well enough and will the dress and hairstyle be stunning. Traditionally they say that bridal hairstyles should be designed on long hair and followed with tiara. But what about short haircuts? Ladies with short haircuts should forget about stereotypes and rock the wedding party with inspiring short wedding hairstyles 2014 I will introduce today. Short haircuts can be turned into bridal hairstyles with slight details in design and vibrant hair accessories. Hair trends change and here are short wedding hairstyles tendencies.

Here you see a classy shell hairstyle that is created on short haircut reaching the chin. The decorative bobby pins perfectly complement this wedding hairstyle.

shell hairstyle for wedding 2014

The simple curly hairstyle can look this pretty, if you choose the right curls size and direction to lift them up. Bridal hair accessories will add the note of celebration.

short curly updo haristyles for wedding

Short curly wedding hairstyles 2014 are decorated with live natural flowers that look so tender and feminine.

short curly wedding hairstyles 2014

For wavy wedding hairstyles you can choose hair jewelry that will speak to the waves. The one on the picture below looks very harmonious, it takes the front strands beck and underlines eyes brightly.

short wavy hair wedding hairstyles 2014

You can have the most inspiring wedding hairstyle if you combine vintage looks and modern hair styling tendencies, like in this photo - wet effect and vintage curls.

vintage short bridal hairtsyles 2014