Fancy Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2014

Long hair is a luxury that not all of us can afford. For some women growing out hair results almost impossible and thy end up by cutting the almost medium length they have reached. Owners of long hair have a great opportunity to try all the popular hairstyles. First updos and downdos that are complicated and then the simplest wavy loose hairstyles, which are the best summer hairstyles. For sure even in this case you may someday wake up wanting to cut the edges or the whole length.Then you should stop and think of your long hairstyle and come to a compromise - hairstyles with bangs. Bangs underline best features, accentuate eyes and can correct the face shape whether it is long or square. So here are fancy long hairstyles with bangs 2014 for you to see and draw inspiration.

You must take into account one question: what bangs to combine with long hairstyles? I must say that it depends on face shape. For oblong faces long hairstyles with blunt cut thick bangs will be suitable, while for square faces long hairstyles with layered side bangs will be nice.

If you have such silky blonde hair color then keep things simple, loose long hairstyle with wispy bang is what will fit best of all. blonde long hairstyles with bangs 2014   The long straight hairstyle here has some locks at the ends that look better with arched bangs that are thinned at the ends. Chocolate brown hair color is really sweet. chocolate brown long hairstyles with bangs   Loose wavy hairstyles with bangs can look this sexy if you achieve a bedhead effect. you can use curling iron or maybe you have naturally wavy hairstyle and not combing will be enough. loose wavy long hairstyles with bangs

  Natural wavy hairstyles with bangs are very trendy because the bang takes attention from the gorgeous hair and brings it to eyes. natural wavy hairstyles with bangs 2014   With such great and vibrant hair color and healthy hair texture you can forget about styling at all. The wispy bang will do the job and you will only have to enjoy your glam looks. straight long hairstyles with bangs 2014