Exceptional Tree Braids Hairstyles 2014

African American women face the problem of dry and dizzy hair sometimes. That is why black hairstyles should be chosen very carefully. Such protective hairstyles must keep away natural hair from damage and harm and for sure look beautiful. Braids are well know among natural hairstyles for black women. On thick hair texture any type of braids can be styled, even French braid looks gorgeous. But above all there exist tree braids that are leading in the list of trendy hairstyles for black women. Tree braiding is a technique that allows to plait only some part of hair and leave the rest loose or styled in an updo or downdo. That is to say with exceptional tree braids hairstyles 2014 you will create not only protective hairstyle but will be able to boost you loose hair.Tree braids on the above ear part create neat looks by taking away the volume on that area and smoothly changing into a bouffant hairstyles with shining locks, it can be a good formal hairstyle.

bouffant tree braids 2014

Such natural looking curls can become your own for some time if you have tree braids with extensions plaited to your natural hair.

curly hairstyle on tree braids

It's very difficult to maintain the quality of healthy curly hair when you need to straighten them and dye all the time, The chemicals do the job. To protect natural hair, create such tree braids and use hair extensions in the cornrows that will show up good quality tresses.

straight hairstyle on tree braids 2014

My beloved example of tree braids flowing into beach wavy hairstyle. Incredibly convenient and sexy for summer.

tree braids

Another example of highlighted curly hair extensions plaited into the tree braids. Brown hair color with lighter highlights is always trendy and in summer even more.

wavy hairstyle on tree braids 2014