Chocolate Brown Hair

Vivacious chocolate hair dyes have been popular all the recent seasons and seem not to yield positions. Any woman is interested in sweet chocolate starting from dark brunettes and ending with strawberry blondes. And actually chocolate brown can be applied not only as separate color but it is used for highlights as well. When we talk about chocolate hue we imagine all possible chocolate brown hair colors: truffle brown, milk chocolate, mocca, sweet cola and espresso. Chocolate hair color looks serious and elegant, and I can even say that it is strict. And if you try to remember now, you will see that business ladies holding high positions in companies are usually of dark hair color, cause men on the whole do not trust blondes, mostly in business. Anyways chocolate brown can look womanly and sexy as well, you just need to create waves and curls, or a simple updo with some strands left out. Now let's see live examples of chocolate brown hair and admire it.

chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights

Brown hair color with caramel highlights, you seem to feel the sweet caramelized chocolate taste now.

beyonce chocolate brown hair

Chocolate hair hues are perfect for women with dark skin, they look very harmonious like a big bar of chocolate.

dark chocolate hair color

Dark chocolate is also very expressive and with such pale skin tone it is very vivid.

Nina Dobrev chocolate brown hair

Chocolate hair color is frequently chosen by celebrities and you see it also fits nicely olive skin, just choose the right shade.

ombre hair color

Very nice ombre hair color, starting from dark black hair and ending in deep chocolate.