Celebrity Inspired Short Hair Updos 2014

When it comes to summer and hot weather we start to seek for changes in style and appearance. Not only our clothing becomes lighter and brighter, but hairstyles as well. Summer hairstyles first of all should be easy to maintain. This is the reason why many of us opt for short haircuts for summer days. Short hair can seem monotonous to some, but in reality a bit longer than a pixie will arm you with some styling options including updo hairstyles. Short popular hairstyles will give you a chance to have an easy haircut on one hand, that will turn to an elegant evening hairstyle on a special occasion on the other hand. You may say that it is impossible, but look through this article to find celebrity inspired short hair updos 2014. Celebrities are an infinite source of inspiration on many occasions and as for celebrity hairstyles the latest hair trends 2014 are first of all introduced by them. So here we go! Short hair updos are quite versatile in reality and are not limited with pin-ups. Among the most popular designs now you will find top knots, that in summer can be accompanied by hair accessories like scarves, headbands and hair jewels. Bun hairstyles are also in the mainstream. Low buns, mostly messy buns look very natural and fitting sunny weather. And for sure braids hairstyles are not left out. Braided bangs and crowns are simply created on short hair giving the illusion of longer hair. Here are the hairstyles pictures: Amanda Seyfried short hair updos 2014     Amanda Seyfried short hair updos 2014   Berenice Bejo milkmaid braid short hair updos 2014 berenice bejo milkmaid braid short hair updos 2014   Emma Stone semibun short hair updos 2014 emma stone semibun short hair updos 2014

  Jennifer Lawrence top knot 2014 jennifer lawrence top knot 2014   Kate Beckinsale short hair updos 2014 kate beckinsale short hair updos 2014   Rachel Mcadams top knot 2014 rachel mcadams top knot 2014   Short hair updos 2014 short hair updos 2014   Vanessa Hudgens short hair updos 2014 vanessa hudgens short hair updos 2014