2014 Saucy Fade Haircuts for Black Men

Fade haircuts are introduced by gradual tapering of hair length from sides and back upwards. To design a true skillfull fade, you need to find a professional hair stylist, cause it is not an easy job, but the result is astounding. Fade haircuts look like real mens hairstyles and they can be of various design depending on the length of the crown area. That is why each time you choose a new length for your short haircut, people come to thing you have a new stylish fade haircut. To tell the truth black men are the ones who are to have fade haircuts, cause the face and scalp shape are very fitting. And now let me show you 2014 saucy fade haircuts for black men to prove that they are really very impressive.

Gradual layering of hair length in fades can be combined with flattering designs on temples and figures on sides. It all depends on taste. Actually black men haircuts' fade style fits any age, and kids can wear it and totally grown-ups.

fade haircuts for black men 2014

black men haircuts fade style

Trendy hairstyles among black men are high fade haircuts. This means that hair start high above the natural line of growth. But this is for the skilled fade owners. If you are going to have your first fade, the stylist will offer regular fade haircut to start with.

black fade haircut styles 2014

saucy fade haircuts for black men 2014

And above all fade haircuts for black men are better than complete boldness, they can be very short and look extremely sexy and stylish.

black men fade haircuts