Why Women Political Leaders “Power Cuts” Are Bob Hairstyles

There must be some reason why world female political leaders never betray bob hairstyles that accompany them throughout their careers and are gently called by them "pob" - political bob haircuts. Well, so many things can be said about bob cuts that I can hardly think of where to start. When it comes to politics we see strong woman, the notorious Iron Lady, the present time female politics that rule the world and decide the fate of nations. Accordingly it is quite natural that they prefer short hairstyles as their "power cuts". Not pixies, mind it, but bobs that are a bit longer to make them look like ladies, and quite short not to obstacle their career and prove their being smart enough.

women politicians bob hairstyles for 2017

As far as we have seen the women politicians for a long with steady iconic styles, I am sure that their bob haircuts for 2017 will not undergo any drastic changes and we will still see the power and strength reflected in strict suits and impregnable best bobs.

Former British PM Margaret Thatcher iconic bob hair

British PM Margaret Thatcher bob haircut

Margaret Thatcher iconic bob hairstyles

The most widely know woman politician of all times, the toughest player in world politics history is the Iron Lady. Margaret being the leader of Conservative party ruled Britain as Prime Minister for more than ten years, and note that throughout this time her iconic bob hairstyles never changed. With a slight wave, maybe looking a little out of place right now, this bob hairstyle passed the country through many deals.

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel bob cuts

Angela Merkel bob hairstyles

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel bob haircuts

Chancellor's boyish haircut and not very haute couture style is being criticized by mullions of people. But don't you think that this willful woman has other things to bother about than make up and hairstyling? Side by side with her forever boyish bob haircut with bangs she is writing history right now.

US President candidate Hillary Clinton bob hairstyles

Hillary Clinton bob haircuts

US president Hillary Clinton bob hairstyles

In the times when her husband betrayed her, in the times when she had to go trough the ordeal of publicly diminished and pitied as a woman who was betrayed, she remained unshakable. Having the experience of first lady behind Hillary Clinton appears to be the perfect candidate pr US president. She wears confidently her bob hairstyles through years. When younger it was smoothly styled one length bob, while now it is more boyish layered bob haircut (with hair trends 2017 for bobs, she is sure to wear it long) that combined with her statement solid color suits make her look like ideal politician of modern times.

British PM Theresa May bob hairstyles 2016/2017

Theresa May bob hairstyles

British PM Theresa May bob haircuts

Another powerful player in arena of politic world now is the recently appointed British PM. Looking quite severe and determined, she still remains a woman and follows the trends as much as she manages to do it. Her bob haircuts are also a lifetime love story.

Former Iceland PM Johanna Sigurdardottir bob haircuts

Johanna Sigurdardottir bob hair Iceland PM Johanna Sigurdardottir bob hairstyles

Former Kosovo president Atifete Jahjaga bob haircuts

Atifete Jahjaga bob haircut Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga bob hairstyles

Croatia President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović feminine bob hairstyles

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović bob haircut Croatia President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović bob hairstyles

Women politicians love bob haircuts because they are precise, functional, easy. Their hairstylists say that among these ladies there is a name for bob, they cal it "pob", to express and underline that it is political bob hairstyles, not the runways shows and fashion caprices, that tend to attract eyes. Power cuts should be short and modest to help women build their way in the world that seemed to belong to men before.