Stylish Extra Short Hairstyles 2015 Summer

We are living in a century where all is possible, where people are tolerate and patient and used to accepting new tendencies in the sphere of fashion. Still there is something that seems to be under discussion for ages now. I am talking about short haircuts for women. Long hair is traditional for women, and hair trends 2015 offer us hairstyle with long hair precisely. But short hairstyles are here in the mainstream and they never stop being on-trend. What is the zest of short hair? Firstly, before they were considered quite boyish and underwent reprimands from the society. But now popular short haircuts introduce sexy and stylish women, who are not afraid to make a statement.

Short hairstyles 2015

If we look around we will find many celebrity hairstyles based on short hair - pixies, bob haircuts, crop cuts and even shaved heads. And this is not only about easy managing and functionality, but about looking extra trendy and standing out of the crowd. So will you dare to have one of the extra short haircuts for summer 2015?

Ciara Short bob hairstyles 2015

Ciara Short bob hairstyles 2015

If you are looking for a short haircut but can't dare for some sassy pixie then short bob haircut is what you actually need. For perfect oval face it is really incredible, framing the facial lines softly.

Short haircuts 2015 for black women

MC Lyte Short hairstyles 2015

Jennifer Hudson Short hairstyles 2015

The short haircuts are absolutely flattening for black women. They are functional and you won't need to style the dizzy hair every day and they are really amazing. The highlighted quiff hairstyle is very eye-catching/ The sides are almost shaved that draws more attention to the pompadour bang. The other slick and side parted pixie is elegant and official.

Elegant short haircuts 2015

Classy quiff Short hairstyles 2015 Vintage Short hairstyles 2015

No one can doubt the diversity of short hairstyles for women. They can be funky fitting teenagers like the quiff style. And they can be glamorous and vintage, with slight curls framing you face.

Asymmetrical short haircuts 2015

Nicky Whelan Short hairstyles 2015

This can be called one of the best solutions for short hair, the tender waves on one side and crop cut on the other. The asymmetry makes it look very stylish. And of course red lipstick and deep green dress.

Wavy short hairstyles 2015

Keke Palmer Short hairstyles 2015

Audrey Tautou Short hairstyles 2015

Short hair can be styled not only sleek and straight, but wavy and curly as well. The signature hairstyle of Audrey is a vintage looking wavy pixie that is very cute indeed.

Asymmetrical short haircuts for black women Summer 2015

Nomfusi Gotyana Short hairstyles 2015

Another vivid example of how a extra short haircut can be combined with long side bangs and how that can look this much awesome.

Extra short haircuts for African American women

Rihanna Short hairstyles 2015 Danai Gurira Short hairstyles 2015

Rihanna is one of the celebrities that is sporting short hairstyles, and they fit her a lot due to her face shape. If you want to forget about hair problems forever then you need to try this extra short haircut for natural hair.

Anne Hathaway Short hairstyles 2015

Anne Hathaway Short hairstyles 2015

Anne has shaved her hair for Les Miserables and it was shocking at first but when her grew to be excellent pixie it was already admiring.

Miley Cyrus Short hairstyles 2015

Miley Cyrus Short hairstyles 2015

Another po diva known for her extravagance and style is Miley Cyrus. She also once had long and girlish hair, but her choice to go very short proves itself to be right.