Stars Prefer Short Hairstyles for Summer/Fall 2015

While we have definite hair trends for long hairstyles and see here and there celebrities and top models with their model long hairstyles, there still remain some of our favourite celebrities that do not rush for mainstream tendencies and they own style. These very celebs go on wearing short hairstyles this summer/fall 2015 season. On some of the we see forever popular bob hairstyles. And of different types - angled bob hairstyles, straight bob, a-line, super short bobs. The other prefer pixie haircuts - classy pixie cuts, pixies with longer bangs, spiky pixie. Why do we see celebrity short hairstyles 2015 when long hair is more trendy? This is simple - it is the style! When one has its own way.

celebrity summer short hairstyles 2015

Besides, that seems to be important even for celebs, it is the easy use and management of short hair. It doesn't require too much efforts and time for daily life. And for going out to some event, they can always create the most amazing hairstyles, even updos hairstyles for short hair. So let's follow the celebrity style and choose popular short hairstyles for Fall 2015.

Vanessa Hudgens Sleek Bob hairstyles for Fall 2015

Vanessa Hudgens summer short hairstyles 2015

This look of Vanessa is all trendy. First we see her red lipstick that is very fashionable. Then we see one-dimensional brunette hair-color and finally she is wearing a bob haircut styled sleek. Yes, wet effect hairstyles go on being trendy this autumn.

Celebrity pixie haircuts Fall 2015

Miley Cyrus short summer hairstyles 2015

Rita Ora short summer hairstyles 2015

Lily Collins summer pixie 2015

All of the three pictures above represent pixie haircuts. All are so different. That of Miley Cyrus is very womanly and innocent. That of Rita Ora is center parted, thus trendy, and above all it looks vamp. And this celebrity pixie haircut of Lily Collins is very spiky and shaggy, and it makes her look both sensual and playful.

Celebrity bob hairstyles 2015 Summer/Fall

Ashley Benson short summer hairstyles 2015

Emma Stone summer bob hairstyles 2015

Taylor Swift summer bob hairstyles 2015

I have mentioned it millions of times and I will say it again - bob hairstyles are forever. hey never go out of fashion. they just opt new modern touch and go on being stylish. Last year Emma Stone surprised every one with her shaggy bob haircut and red hair color. And now we see her bob having already an elongated bob shape. Taylor also sports bob it appears. Not very short, yet quite handy.

Kristen Stewart short haircuts with long bangs 2015

Kristen Stewart short summer hairstyles 2015

This short haircut that has a long wavy bang and drastic hair color seems to have turned to Kristen's signature hairstyles. Indeed, it is super stylish and hot. The warm hair color makes it perfect for fall 2015.

Updos for short hairstyles 2015

Shailene Woodley short braids hairstyles 2015

You may worry that going short will make you forget about creative updo hairstyles. But looking Shailene you will see that a tiny side braids updo can be created on short hair.

Kylie Jenner classy bob hairstyles 2015 Fall

Kylie Jenner summer bob hairstyles 2015

Bob haircuts play best of all for thick healthy hair. As a result you get a rich hairstyle that draws attention immediately. Make your hair straight to underline the straight lines of your haircut.