Justin Bieber Celebrity Hairstyles Makeover

Baby, baby, baby! This is how it all started, not very long ago, when we witnessed Justin Bieber and his celebrity hairstyles for the first time. Only some seven years ago this cute kid was first driven to stage with is layered bowl haircut admiring teenage girls all over the world. For some time on it was not only about his men haircuts, but about his abs that was driving everybody crazy and everybody was holding breath to the moment when he would take of his shirt to show off the sexy abs. But the recent makeover brought to another new tendency  - celebrity haircut evolution! Now we all wait for him to take off his cap to see the blonde long hairstyles 2016.

Justin Bieber Celebrity Hairstyles 2016

Justin Bieber lives through evolution not only as artist and singer, but also as a fashion star setting trends in each sphere of modern fashion industry. And right away I want to take a glance at his mens hairstyles through these years and see the incredible makeover.

Justin Bieber elegant hairstyles 2016

Justin Bieber Mens Hairstyles 2016

A couple of days ago Justin was spotted on Haiti with cornrows. Yes! the trendy cornrow hairstyles also touched him, but just after that at a gala event the young celeb was seen in very elegant suit and with a trendy half bun hairstyle for men.

JB hairstyles 2015

Justin Bieber Short Mens Hairstyles 2015

Justin Bieber Sexy Mens Hairstyles 2015

Last year was the time for transformations for JB. His men hairstyles 2015 were rapidly changing from boyish to manly, attracting attention not only of teenage girls and making heart beat faster.

Justin Bieber Blonde Mens Hairstyles 2015 Justin Bieber Messy Mens Hairstyles 2015

The most important factor here was the blonde hair color for sure. Bieber has never been brunette for sure, but pure blonde drove crazy crowds of his fans. Besides he left the front part a bot longer and layered, that is a really super sexy hairstyle, especially with bedhead effect.

Justin Bieber Elegant Mens Hairstyles 2015

At some special event Justin was spotted to look elegant and grown up, like in this Balmain suit and with short well combed hairstyle. Yes, 2015 was crucial in Bieber´s style and looks.

Justin Bieber hairstyles 2014

Justin Bieber Cute Mens Hairstyles 2014

Justin Bieber hairstyles 2013

Justin Bieber Funly Mens Hairstyles 2013

Justin Bieber hairstyles 2012

Justin Bieber short haircut 2012 Justin Bieber Mens Hairstyles 2012

Another year that seemed to be the start of changes in Bieber´s image, was 2012, when his hairstyles changed from little boys bowl haircut, to funky short haircuts, well gelled and styled.

Justin Bieber hairstyles 2011

Justin Bieber Mens Hairstyles 2011 Justin Bieber Short Layered Hairstyles 2011

Justin Bieber hairstyles 2010

Justin Bieber Mens Hairstyles 2010

And here is how it all started. A cute looking boy turning into a real sex symbol in some years, growing up not only physically but mentally and spiritually. The celebrity hairstyles are only a small part in the makeover we saw during this period.