Forever Adorable Pixie Haircuts

Forever scandalous, forever extravagant and forever adorable pixie haircuts have always been the controversial point for discussions and fashion trends. Short haircuts for women are not very long in the mainstream, and for long time it has been considered not womanly and only long hair can adorn women's heads. But once the pixie haircuts came into fashion, they seem to never go out. Short haircuts have tendency to be dull and boring, this is what may seem at first sight. But if go through this article with celebrity short hairstyles, we will see that from classy blonde to natural hairstyles for black women, pixies rock the world.

Adorable Celebrity Pixie Haircuts

Pixie cuts can be both classy and funky, spontaneously messy and super brushed and elegant, so never think to look boring with such short hair. To convince, let's go ahead!

Celebrity blonde pixie haircuts

JENNIFER LAWRENCE pixie haircuts Charlize Theron pixie cut

Having your hair colored blonde be sure to win hearts with short daring haircut. The sassy pixie with layers, or more modest one, with bangs swept away will look nice at any occasion.

DREW BARRYMORE pixie haircuts MEG RYAN pixie haircuts

Some celebrioties are associated with pixie haircuts, and talking about the recent we can't leave them out. Meg Ryan is famous for her popular pixie indeed, this is her statement look. And here is Drew that is not common to wear short wavy hair, but she is indeed cute. Though these hairstyles seem to be far away for some decades, I assure you they look equally modern now.

Celebrity brown hair colors and pixie cuts

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY pixie haircuts

This is my favourite image of Keira Knightley. Long hair is fitting her a lot, making her so soft and tender, but it is definitely this layered short haircut that shows of her character, her strength and sexuality. Brown hair color with highlights only puts more accent on the hairstyle.

Lily Collins pixie cuts Kristen Stewart pixie cut

Here is another pixie cut that has become history. All of sudden Kirsten shopped off her long hair and went for such a brave pixie of reddish hair color, with huge bangs swept away and styled wavy.

Brunette pixie haircuts

ANNE HATHAWAY pixie haircuts HALLE BERRY pixie haircuts NATALIE PORTMAN pixie haircuts VICTORIA BECKHAM pixie haircuts

You may thing that getting up in the morning with a pixie would be very difficult, cause hair will be like antennas here and there. But it depends on hair type. For thinner straight hair it will never be a problem, you won't even need to comb your hair in the morning.

Pixie haircuts for black women

Maria Borges natural pixie haircut

Short natural hairstyles for black women is the trend that grew up in 2015 when during Victoria's Secret fashion show Maria Borges was spotted wearing her naturally curly hair short and neat. And this tendency is great, it puts no boundaries now for black girls to enter the world of fashion on one side, and on the other to have the easy natural hair as the most popular look is gorgeous.

LUPITA NYONG'O pixie haircuts

Lupita in 2015 was seen with huge bun hairstyles, indeed very cute, but then she shifted to natural shirt hair, and was very smart playing with her short curls.