Extra Short Natural Black Hairstyles

Short natural hairstyles for black women have rushed into the main hair tendencies during the recent Fashion Weeks SS16. Cut very short, the naturally curly hair will allow you to leave behind the hair care problems, the styling procedures and endless time and strength spent on all that. You will free to enjoy all the moments and be careless not to spoil the popular hairstyles on your head. The hair trends 2016 stand for natural looks no matter what skin color you have. No straightening of tresses, no braiding styles, no dreads and twists, no care of long curly and dizzy hair, just the authentic cool short haircuts that are so gorgeous.

best short natural black hairstyles

The brand new tendencies seem to be not only for common people to feel comfortable through the routine labor days, but also for the most wanted top models too. Do you remember the Fashion weeks runway hairstyles? The black models boost their natural hair and are so beautiful in the authentic styles, prompted by the natural herself.

Lupita Nyong’o short natural black hairstyles

Lupita Nyong'o short natural black women hairstyles Lupita Nyong'o short curly natural black women hairstyles

We have seen her with long hair, and with sophisticated updos, braided buns, but somehow this look of short neat curly hair is extremely eye-catching. Of course, another important thing here is her perfectly oval face shape, that can’t be spoilt even with bad haircut.

Maria Borges super short natural hairstyles

Maria Borges short natural black women hairstyles Maria Borges extra short natural black women hairstyles

The model Maria seems to feel at ease now. Through years of tortures with long hair, now we can admire the wanted black models boosting the simple natural haircuts, very short, very framing the face, and very easy and comfortable.

Solange black natural hairstyles

Solange short natural black women hairstyles

short curly natural black women hairstyles very short natural black women hairstyles

If you want to attract eyes on you, choose the right accessories to accompany you extra short haircuts. Impressive big earrings, for example, or on the contrary barely seen ones, very bright make up, or on the contrary almost nude one. Depending on the event, I assure you that even the shortest cut can look different.

patterned short natural black women hairstyles

When we say short hair, you do not necessarily need to think it is boring. You are still free to choose having a Mohawk hairstyle, or some super trendy patterned sides and nape.

sensual short natural black women hairstyles stylish short natural black women hairstyles African American short black hairstyles

So now that you know that it is no shame and inconvenience to wear short hairstyles for black women even on the runway, even on the fashion shows, I am sure you will dare to get rid of the frizzy tresses and come out all new and attractive with your in-born beauty. Will you?