Extra Cool Short Box Braids

How to style box braids? This is the question that hits you once you have decided to have these protective hairstyles. If you have long hair, then the variety of styles to make is endless, any possible hairstyle for long hair can be also reproduced on long box braids. However, you will need time to style them, some efforts and skills. So that is why for the most busy and stylish of you, I'd offer trying short box braids, and to be more precise classy bob hairstyles made of box braided hair.

Bob short box braids

The short bob are the unique hairstyles for black women that will make you forget about daily hair styling routine. You will look equally amazing each single morning, without putting effort in it. You style them once, and enjoy for a month or more. Isn't it amazing? Let's see some hairstyles pictures now.

Short haircuts with highlights

short box braids with highlights

Some of you maybe think that box braids can only be done on natural black hair color and can't include any creative shades. You are definitely wrong, cause different extensions used in this type of braiding can allow you not only to boldly change colors, but also to play with highlights.

Black box braids hairstyles

black short box braids

bob from short box braids short box braids hairstyles

Playing with colors can be fun, but staying true to your inborn color also has some advantages. Look at the short bob styles above, they are so natural.

Violet box braids

stylish short box braids

violet short box braids

One of the most popular colors in braided hairstyles for African American women is the violet hair color with all possible shades and tones. It may seem strange why this color, but the truth is that it really fits the face shape and features of black women.

simple bob from short box braids blonde short box braids sexy short box braids

Short big box braids

short big box braids hairstyles

You have to know that there are two main types for creating box braided hair - either having big voluminous boxes, or small and tiny one. Big box braids catch attention at once and look equally awesome on short and long hair.

Short small box braids

short small box braids

Small box braids need much more time to be styles. And for sure your efforts and tortures have result - small braids look more natural, they are more protective. And in the current polluted air it really means a lot.

I am sure you liked my collection of pictures, but do nit rush for cutting your hair, some long box braids are also impressive.