Delightful Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

The hair type of black women is very special. On  one hand it is dry and frizzy and hard to manage and on the other it is thick and strong and gives a chance to design any possible popular hairstyle. Natural hairstyles for black women are a field for endless experimenting and incredible hair styling solutions. Mohawk hairstyles are among the most daring short haircuts with which you can make a statement and make everybody look at you. You don't necessarily need to shave sides, or have them crop cut, on long hair a fancy updo Mohawk hairstyle can be created. Well, enough words, let's see now delightful Mohawk hairstyles for black women.

With this creative Mohawk hairstyle for black women you can do nothing but enjoy the design and hair colors so nicely fused in each other. the natural soft wave makes the hairstyle playful.

creative mohawk hairstyles for black women

This curly Mohawk natural hairstyles is the beloved one for black women, cause they don't need to fight with naturally curly hair texture and just use it beneficially. The style is very neat and even elegant, and note that the Mohawk line is slightly highlighted to make it more definite.

curly mohawk natural hairstyles

Among natural hairstyles for black women this shaved Mohawk stands apart. It's a statement itself. And if you are brave enough and your face shape is perfectly oval, then don';t doubt a second and go for this style at once.

mohawk natural hairstyles for black women

This kind of short Mohawk hairstyles for black women are considered to be a winning decision in any occasion. This layered pixie with sides styled down and the Mohawk styled a bit messy just wins hearts.

short mohawk hairstyles for black women

Updo Mohawk hairstyles always catch attention due their being unusual, but this one is very special cause it has combined the twists from past like the front Victory rolls and the traditional Mohawk . Such elegant Mohawk will fit wedding and prom, and any formal event.

updo mohawk hairstyles 2014