Breathtaking Rihanna Short Hairstyles

Rihanna is one of the most popular icons of the present. She is a well known hair and fashion chameleon, changing styles, finding new ways and always following the trends. She can have emerald green lipstick and pink hair. Rihanna can go from edgy short haircuts to long elegant and glamorous hairstyles. But the thing is that even though she is a traditional owner of natural black thick hair, she is not wearing natural hairstyles for black women and prefers celebrity hairstyles.Why breathtaking Rihanna short hairstyles fit her more than long gorgeous tresses?

There is a theory of division of women to types according to face shape and body structure. Rihanna belongs to Gamine type of appearance, that means that if she tries to look more feminine she will look older at the same time. That is why boyish short haircuts fit her most of all, introducing her as young and sexy woman. Now the pictures of her hairstyles.

The blonde short haircut with sunny highlights make Rihanna shine from within. Longer bangs of lighter color then the short sides, make Rihanna short hairstyle very on-trend.

rihanna blonde short hairstyles

This simple short haircut looks very feminine indeed. Though many of us will tell that extra short haircuts are rather boyish.

rihanna extra short hairstyles

This one is a very stylish Rihanna short hairstyle. Blonde pompadour hairstyles is ideally designed underlining her best facial features.

Rihanna highlighted short hairstyles

Rihanna tapered bob short hairstyle ends at her jaws thus accentuating her lips. The straight style of A-line bob makes the hairstyle mysterious.

rihanna tapered bob short hairstyles

Rihanna short wavy hairstyles make her look less edgy and more romantic. Milk chocolate hair color of the short trendy hairstyle combined with orange lipstick represent a popular current trend.