Black Women Fade Haircuts To Look Edgy and Sexy

The mystery around black women hairstyles is endless source of inspiration indeed. From long box braids, to boldest short cuts black women always look outstanding and eye-catchy. Meanwhile protective hairstyles are considered to be more or less traditional looks for black ladies, nowadays there is a trend of totally short hairstyles that is being adopted by thousands of women around the world now. Short hair implies some courage and dignity, and once you decide to go extra short be ready to face the world in different way.

black women fade haircuts 2017

Yet some short hair will still allow you look stylish and sensual, like female fade haircuts hat are simply meant for black women hair type and look incredibly nice. I guess you should be intrigued now, so let me introduce to you the short fade haircuts for black women to look sexy and edgy.

Black curly fade hairstyles

curly female fades

curly fade haircuts for black women

natural curly fade hairstyles for black women

fade haircuts for black ladies

If you want to go short, yet you are eager to boast your adorable natural curls, then this type of fade is your hairstyle! Sides are short enough not to bother you in hot weather and with styling requirements, and front part is long enough to gel it and leave free the coils.

Extra short fade haircuts for black women

extra short balck female fade cut

cool black women fade haircuts

The hair industry for black women has changed a lot during recent seasons. Once we saw the black model Maria Borges striding the catwalk with her short natural afro, a lot has changed then. Nowadays afro hair tyoe can be worn in short cuts without using extensions and creating box braids or dreadlocks, such short hairstyles above all look professional and can be bravely taken to work.

Creative female fade haircuts with patterned sides

black female fade styles

cool fade haircuts with patterned sides

creative female fades

Yet who said that short hair is boring and allows no space for creativity? Look at the above pictures to see amazing fade haircuts with patterned sides - with just one line shaved or with a whole drawing on side and the nape you will totally personalize your image.

Rihanna fade haircuts

A woman that had greatest influence on black women fashion is doubtless Rihanna. With her endlessly new designs for hair and make up and outfit she inspired millions I suppose. Her short and daring fade haircuts have become history now, and I am sure they influenced many black ladies to adopt such short female fades.